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Jun 18 2011 1:37AM
hai guise.
I kind of want to make a myspace, again.
Jun 1 2011 10:21PM
hai guise.
It's so sad, three years ago when I started this site; Everyone was fake and "old". No you are all ugly, real and "young" Grow up.
May 31 2011 3:40AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. So sweet of you.
May 15 2011 5:50PM
new photos up. c:
May 15 2011 5:20PM
add me. c:
Dec 15 2010 12:11AM
i have been a member on this site for exactly 3 years and 1 day.


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Mar 17 2011 9:52AM

yeah i'm not gonna be going to my concert either; which i'm pretty upset about._.
Mar 3 2011 11:11PM

****ing lucky!D:
i get emmure and miss may i.
i really wish chelsea grin and whitechapel were there at minee._.!
cause i gots a chelsea grin shirttt.<333 yes! xD
Jan 30 2011 1:35AM

me more :)
Jan 21 2011 10:46PM

Dec 19 2010 10:40PM

love you babe <33
Dec 16 2010 1:03AM

I love you too(:
Dec 13 2010 11:17PM

Thank you, babesss.<333333
JakeyJake :)
Oct 16 2010 4:12PM

dude jersey shore marathon all this weekend, watch!
JakeyJake :)
Oct 14 2010 12:40AM

sammi and ronnie can go jump off a cliff and anglina is already off the show so its alright but sammi needs to leave, i cant take her ugly ass face and her ugly ass voice
JakeyJake :)
Oct 13 2010 11:13PM

ewww sammi and ronnie are defeintly trash like angelina
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