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Feb 19 2013 10:40PM
this site
man ill tell ya this site brrings hella memories
Nov 17 2010 4:54PM
damn 2 more added to the deck
new joker card the the 2nd card of the 2nd deck will soon be a new member 2 the dark carnival Faith THis card is called The Mighty Death Pop so yes juggalo's the Bang! Pow! Boom! is the not the seventh Jokers card but its the first of the new 6
1: Carnival Of Carnage
2: The Ringmaster
3: The Riddle Box
4: The Great Milenko
5: The Amazing Jeckel Brothers: Jake and Jack Jeckel
6: The Wraith: Shangri-la and Hells pit
7: Bang! Pow! Boom!
8: The Mighty Death Pop!
Oct 18 2010 5:05PM
Whoop Whoop
i am a Juggalo With Alot of Clown Love for my Fam if anybody has a problem with that then you can go **** yourself. our family doesnt care what people think of us. we live our lives like we want to live it. the only thing that pisses me off is the ****ing pigs calling us a gang. WE ARE FAMILY. Juggalo for life. WHOOP WHOOP!
Oct 9 2010 12:21AM
im the truest most honerable juggalo ull ever meet
Oct 8 2010 10:43PM
simple and blunt 5
We know that ICP is ****in' hated and doubted
But our new album's the bomb and I wouldn't lie about it
We call it the Wraith and it's the sixth joker's card
And the juggalo world's been waiting long and hard
So we saving it all, we won't play you a lick,
That's why they got me on here rapping bout this ****
But for ten years this album has been in our focus
Everything from Dog Beats on through to Dark Lotus
And it's finally dropping on November 5th
Unless the ****ing record label ****s up the ****
Plan is that's the day that the best we can do
Will be put in the stores and delivered to you
Or you can download this **** free, most probably will
But the packaging and booklet it comes with is ill!
So if you're lookin for the best way of copping it free
My advice is hit a record store and pluck the CD!
Get you the booklet and get you the disk
And leave all the case with the cover and ****
And then buy something cheap like a Britney Spears sticker
So they don't get suspicious when they see you at the register
One way or the other I can promise you this:
Juggalo or not, our ****ing record's the ****
And I don't give a **** what Rolling Stone ends up givin'
Cause that's just some other idiot's opinion
If he knows what's so dope he should make it himself
And quit ****ing judging everybody ****ing else
Anyway, all we trying to say
Is that a bomb ass LP is headed your way
A little something for the underdogs out there
We extending a depth to let you know that we here
And our carnival doors is always open to yours
And for everybody else we stand up in applause
For taking a little time to listen to me spit
On this here free CD hatchet sampler ****
And for all the juggalos out there that didn't know the deal
We put together this here for you to feel
Come on!
Oct 8 2010 10:43PM
Tell me this, mother****er, truly, how you living?
Ever get the urge maybe do a little wig-splitting?
Ever been the last kid picked for a team?
Ever had mother****ers come and **** on your dreams?
Do you have ideas and something to say
Only ain't nobody ever got they ears pointed your way?
Ever been ****ed with for like this and like that
And go home wit crazy thoughts about cutting they neck?
You might find an escape in this n spend the world hates
Cause we been getting **** on, homie, we can relate!
Ain't nobody here dating any Hollywood stars,
Attending VIP parties at high-profile bars.
But if we ain't your cup of tea then just don't **** with me,
I respect the **** out the fact that you stuck with me
And listened on while I tried to explain ourselves
Cause the hatchet's hustling for some record sales!
Oct 8 2010 10:42PM
We likes it wicked
We keeps it wicked
We like cartoon serial slaughterers on our records!
It's how we adjust to the pressures of life;
Let our music do the killing for you, you'll be alright!
And seriously, aint you the least bit curious
What's up with this underground world? We gettin' furious
Just like this sampler you're bumping right now,
This might be your calling to our carnival grounds!
Oct 8 2010 10:40PM
simple and blunt 2
But see that's just it though,
It ain't a fan base
It's a family drawn together like we from outer space
I mean, we call ourselves juggalos,
I guess that explain it
We relate cause we been through the same kinds of pain
I mean, ICP don't rap about the money we get
Because half the juggalos so broke they stealing our ****
And they don't wanna hear about us pushing a benz
When they takin' ****in' Greyhounds just to get to gatherings
Oct 8 2010 10:40PM
Another ****in sampler, I won't even front
I'll ****in tell you all about our ****, simple and blunt
And if you take the time to listen as I run this down
Maybe you might even dig our **** and understand the wicked clown
We forever underground cause up on the surface
They've always said we talentless pieces of **** and worthless,
Yet,as I'm writing this now,
I glance over at the wall and I don't know how
But we got two platinum albums and another four gold
And we never used MTV, we went up the back road
And built a fanbase that's so behind the clown
That they'll tear your ****in city in half to show they down!
Oct 1 2010 1:57PM
why is it tht every time i'm wakeing up i feel my world is shaking up
fall to pieces and Pray for our lives to guy named Jesus
Take a look at this fine creation and sit n think of whats gonna happen when ur dead and gone who will miss u and for how long? what will they do? will they keep u in mind or forget? to Take away the thought of wtf goes on just stand out nd yell **** THE WORLD and say it with a smile on ur face nd a thought on ur mind thinking i dont give a **** wat u think im dieing with a smile on face, worry free so **** off


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Oct 1 2010 10:38PM

leavin wicked clown love
Jun 5 2010 2:18PM

Yo showin sum juggalo homie love
emo_chick 20
May 9 2010 1:28PM

when i die show no pity
send my soul to juggalo city
dig my grave 6 feet deep and put
to matches by my feet put two
hatches on my chest and
tell my homies i did my best
Jul 23 2009 8:57PM

that kid (phyucku) lives in ****ing europe, good luck finding him, if u do call me, i want to kick his ass
Feb 3 2009 9:53PM

hi uhm whats upp? :D mmb!
Jan 30 2009 4:16PM

ok now ik ur out of........=)
Jan 20 2009 1:52PM

heyy i heard your in.....uhm teeheez Nvm..
Dec 24 2008 7:48PM

Merry Christmas, Christian!!!!!! -Mel
Aug 25 2008 10:10PM

hey wats up cuz


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