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I'm me. Please stop judging me for someone I'm not and discarding me for the person I am. I am not someone's pet nor something to toy with. If you can't respect me for me, I rather you leave me alone.

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Dec 22 2012 8:54PM
road trip!!!
driving 409 miles tomorrow, gonna go down to ga to see some grandparents and uncles =) sad tht i wont be able to see my puppy baby there =( it feels so weird, her not being around anymore =( but im still looking forward to all the fun im gonna have, especially seeing my grandma =) gonna play so many games, wrap presents, cook, and hopefully she will take me shopping =) wish me luck tho tomorrow on my 8 hour car trip!! happy holidays everyone =)
Nov 5 2012 10:14PM
Decisions =(
That moment when the most difficult decisions make u feel stuck between that rock and a hard place...I guess I gotta lot of thinking to do this winter...

Do you ever find it funny that memories have so much power? They can be the most wonderful things, or your worst nightmare. With me, they make me think. I connect them and compare them, turn the upside down and inside out until I know the answer and final results I'm looking for. So now, thanks to the power of memories, my heart and brain have teamed up against me and my will, and are beginning this process. And it sucks, cause I know that everything is just going to take over me in some crazy wave of emotional feelings that i don't really want to confront at the moment they appear, but I see that I have no choice. I understand that I need to think through it all, and that includes writing it down. So sorry if I write any...emotional insight down, just realize it's me thinking. I write here and in a journal, and sometimes, even bits and pieces of my schoolwork. This is what helps me get through it and figure out what it is I really want. When I do this, it can take a couple days, or even months.But I can't stop, not until I have the answers I want.

So yeah, just thought I throw that out there...wish me luck?
Sep 19 2012 5:32PM
<3 9/19/12 <3
Sep 1 2012 10:00PM
Im soooo a gleek...
We r soooo like Finn and Rachel, but (only up 2 season 2 since i havent seen the rest)
Sep 1 2012 9:59PM
my poor little sister is throwing up and hasnt really eaten in 9 days =(
Aug 22 2012 10:06PM
So the first day of school went better than i though. saw a rainbow b4 i left this morning, brightened my mood quite a bit. i enjoy 2nd 3rd and 4th block very much. mostly 4th tho, its theatre =) cant wait for tomorrow surprisingly =)
Aug 21 2012 8:47PM
Cannot believe tht i gotta go 2 school 2moro...i soooo dont want to =(
Aug 13 2012 9:41PM
single or not put this as your status & see how many INBOXES you get
[ green ] i want a relationship with you .
[ blue ] i like you alot .
[ orange ] i wanna kiss you .
[ yellow ] i miss you...
. [pink ] we should get to know each other .
[ red ] your a cutieee ....
[ purple ] i Love you .
[ black ] i want you back
Aug 13 2012 9:21PM
Fire Alarms
Fire alarms:
Oh you're cooking are you?? Allow me to sing you the song of my people =)
Aug 13 2012 9:20PM
Date night
I have a date tonight...
with my bed...
we're totally gonna sleep together


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Jan 3 2013 4:05PM

miss you bunches to :P
Nov 19 2012 5:39PM

the story will come along well hopefully
Oct 14 2012 8:39PM

im glad we're talking again as well :)
Aug 29 2012 10:10PM

oh god O_O maybe i should start talking french like a baws :D
Aug 27 2012 9:37PM

indeed lol this is a fun conversation
Aug 25 2012 9:46PM

indeed we r lol
Aug 25 2012 3:45PM

:D lol
Aug 23 2012 9:08PM

i like having a conversation in the comments section cause we're just that awesome
Aug 22 2012 10:16PM

psh wish i could go to ur school :P i'd get to hang with you and go to a good school lol
Aug 21 2012 9:07PM

while your in school i'll be painting a shed D: rather be in school lol
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