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Hey itsTaya! F.u.c.k you(: And have a good day!:D

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Dec 14 2012 5:30PM
So, you lead me on
Flirted with me hardcore
Made me like you
Then told me you asked out another girl
And you wonder why I'm so mad
Well guess what?
When i walk by you, i know you look at me sadly
You really think me and Alley don't see you?
HA well its your fault
Sorry babe.
Nov 29 2012 7:25PM
Wow! Fuc* you!
Fuc* you, Fuc* your lies, You stupid fuc*ing liar! Wowwwwwwww Fuc*kkkkkkk youuuuu you stupid, lieing as* ****!
Nov 28 2012 6:16PM
The more i look at my last 2 blogs, the more i notice how much im talking like Dylan....FML he rubbed off on me!
Nov 28 2012 6:13PM
Scuse' me?
Oh so you used me, then brokeup with me, then posted stuff about other girls and NOW your telling me you hope we get back together sometime? HA thats cute(: Niqquh be trippinnnnn!
Nov 25 2012 6:26PM
Awhh how cute(:
So you brakeup with me after you used me for sex, and yeah i was hella sad, i liked you since 5th grade, and thats how long we've been friends, but you honestly expect me to be sitting around crying all day, praying you'd come back to me? How fuc*in' cute(: Obviously you don't get that i have good friends and they cheer me up! Guess what bitc* if you expect me to be sitting around crying, waiting and praying for you, you got another thing coming(: Even though im not crying or anything, doesnt mean im gonna go out and start dating for awhile, i think i'll just stick with guy friends for now(: Your a player, and guess what, i hope you know, flirting with every girl, its gonna get around, and then NO girl will want you, especially not me! Yeah we can still be friends and stuff, but nothing more, you would treat me like crap alot of the time, well i dont want to feel that way again, so...BITC* SWERVEEEEE!
Nov 21 2012 10:18PM
These days..and the past...
You never use to see us apart, we were always with eachother no matter what, even though we would fight, if one of us needed to talk or anything, we'd forget the fight and talk about it, we would laugh at eachother and play around, scream in all the same parts during scary movies, share clothes, eat junk food ALL day when it rained, go to the store and get chocolate if one of us felt sad, face school together and if someone was talking shi* about the other then we'd cuss them out and be like "You know what? Thats my BEST FRIEND your alking about, so shut your fuc*ing mouth!" we ran coulee city! Bitc*es be knowin when we were there;) Lmao just kidding! I love you, your my sister forever, but since you moved, we cant do any of these things anymore, i felt like i lost my other half and high school sucks without you! Hopefully i can see you this weekend because 1) its your birthday and 2) I need to get a certain someone off my mind! Youve been through this befor, which is why i need it to be YOU that i hangout with, and also because i can trust you with anything! I love you sissy!
Nov 21 2012 10:01PM
I miss you sissy, it seems like these days havent been going right, and all i need is you here!
Nov 21 2012 9:13PM
I wanna dig a hole and die...
I just lost the guy i liked the most out of anyone, he said he still loves me and all but he barely gets to see me...so he might cheat....I feel like im gonna die, i have to hol it all together and put a smile on my face, even though inside im dieing
Nov 5 2012 10:57PM
Me,Dylan and his mom
So this weekend i was staying the night at my boyfriend Dylan's house and i was really tired and it was like 5 in the morning and him and his mom were still up and me and him were cuddling on the couch and i fell asleep in his arms and him and his mom were talking, and then Dylan got up and got an otterpop and he said to his mom "I wonder what would happen if i put this on her face!" and his mom said "I dont know, why dont you findout?" and he put it on my right cheek and i was like "Dont fuc*in talk to me!" and him and his mom started laughing and he did it again and half whispered, half said "Babyyyyyyyyy" and i said "DONT FUC*IN TALK TO ME!!!!" Really loud, but i didnt scream it, and after his mom was like "Now i guess you know what will happen!" Ohgoshh i love my boyfriend and his family(:
Oct 29 2012 8:15PM
So true
No one has the right to make you feel worthless, not even you.


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Nov 21 2012 10:10PM

Taya i love you wif all my heart!! I miss you also alot!! and hope u can come over this weekend <333 ^_^ sissy ur the best!!
Sep 28 2012 8:51PM

-pulls up in white van- hey sexay laday want shum canday? -pulls out bag of candy- :) member that time my mom and i came to get u and u were walkin on the side of the road and my mom asked u if u wanted candy and u said yes and then got into our car lol then later she bought us sum candy hahaha :) i love you sis :)
Sep 15 2012 9:19AM

So I tried putting like a million hi's
and it wouldn't let me!!!
Sep 11 2012 6:46PM

They're gone now xD
Sep 1 2012 10:24PM

I painted my nails like strawberries o.o
Aug 31 2012 10:47PM

I live for thumbs up xD
Aug 31 2012 2:29PM

Good that was the look I was going for xD
Aug 30 2012 11:40AM

Well you know me...
I'm pretty intimidating xD
Aug 29 2012 8:03PM

Good good.
Idhate to have to give him a smackdown!
Aug 26 2012 12:52AM

Pshh hes a loserrrr.
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