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Quitting this site, sorry bbe,

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Apr 24 2012 10:11PM
I never feel special on this site.
Apr 12 2012 9:04PM
I wish I could stop the pain,
but I can't, god can't.. but he could try
and everyday I cry
because of the pain
and the vain,
I want to die
I can't stand to see you cry..
oops it's too late
and you found the blade
stuck in my arm
lying across the floor
sorry I'm gone,
you turn towards the door
but you hear my voice,
"I didn't have a choice"
you turned in disgust,
"the devil took my soul,
now I'm in a hell hole."
Apr 10 2012 4:16PM
Wouldn't it be the perfect crime,
If I stole your heart,
and you stole mine (;
Apr 10 2012 3:48PM
f_ck you people who bully
I have a question, or many
If people have a disorder are you going to judge them?
If people are a different colour are you going to tease them?
If people look differently are you going to bully them?
If people have had mistakes in the past, are you going to keep nagging at them about it?
If people are different are you going to be an asshole about it?
I know I'm not, because everyone is different and beautiful in their own way, think about what your going to say before you say it, because you don't know if they are suicidal, depressed, self-harmful or anything, and you are the person that is making it worse for them, my motto? "If there isn't any happiness in the world, then why stay?" because everyone needs to be happy, no one should be sad, or depressed...
Think about that for a minute.. You can save someones life in anyway..
Apr 5 2012 5:26PM
I took a picture for my friend
but he doesn't have one of these,
HAHA, so u can't see it (;
Apr 2 2012 10:05PM
Truth is:
I will
like I'm worthless
Apr 2 2012 9:23PM
is one of the best bands everr
Apr 2 2012 6:17PM
**** you biatchess
let's get drunk? (;
Apr 2 2012 4:52PM
thought you said you would always
be there for me
Apr 1 2012 9:33PM


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Feb 17 2012 11:16PM

i call dip's first comment
so therefore i call comment virginity
hehe ^.^

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