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nighty night mohobo lmao

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Jun 13 2010 2:28AM
difference between a man and a boy
death is the vision of a boy a man can look past all the famen and hell and see the good in the life and lies of the world.
May 4 2010 12:23PM
R.I.P Josh Gates
if you like so many other knew Josh then you no that he would do anything to make someone laugh and he always loved to have fun. sadly he passed away april 29, 2010. he was in a car accident driving home under the enflunce of extecy and alcahol. most people didnt no josh did drugs although he was rather open about it people just though he was naturally goofy. If you knew Josh and you smoke pot, you will honor him by smoking a fat joint in his honor. may you rest in peace.
Feb 18 2010 1:09PM
cant message
cant message right now so if you wanna talk to me email me.
Feb 11 2010 12:03PM
blaz that medicine up
lol yay bout to blaz this fat ass joint yay
if you love pot then you'll re-post this
Jan 19 2010 3:47PM
cant message right now computers messed up email me
Jan 13 2010 12:21PM
hey if anyone wants to talk email me its on my page
Dec 27 2008 3:02AM
ha thought i was talking to you well im talking to any body who reads this iv done it all been shot been stabed been locked up its no fun iv had thoughts of killing myself and iv been in love had and my heart broken so if you want to talk whats up im here
Sep 20 2008 3:29AM
fun for me ha ha not you.
I love the way you look at me with your shiny grey eyes. your teeth so perfect as they bit my wrist lust and envy flow through me as i watch as the magic burst from my vains pulsing and bleeding, but all is fine. people stair as i walk through school with new wounds every day but no one minds they just point and laugh i do the same to them because the dont know your love not yet but they will someday soon they will take you or your sister so small but powerfull always sleeping in the barel.but never wake her for she is cranky and can take your life if teased but not you my steal mistress our love is privet but publice a secrete to so many just like me so please neaver leave me to be consomed by the world of disaster.
Jun 29 2008 5:12AM
so many things go on without us noticeing like rape, murder, and kidna;pe we try so hard to catch those thing but we never realy pay that much attention whatever we all pay attention we just choose to look the other way to stay out of other peoples lives but what we should do is look for the little things and be glad we have them.


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May 10 2010 11:31AM

thank yew 4 telling me about wat happend
Mar 20 2010 9:20PM

you've changed on me ..
what happened to the Phillip that i knew ?
i guess you don't care what i have to say ..
i liked you .. but not anymore .. whatever
Mar 8 2010 12:13PM

lol ya that was fun gotta do it again when i come back down
Mar 8 2010 10:35AM

hey whats up man how you been.
Feb 15 2010 11:20AM

came by to show u and ur page sum love
Feb 12 2010 12:30PM

let you read something from me XD
Feb 3 2010 12:01PM

[first] comment (:

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