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Hi! My name is Christina. I love swimming and diving.I love chesse too! I also love webkinz. If you wanna know more about me message me!

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May 2 2009 3:13PM
Tonya and Candy Caramella!
My cats rock!
Mar 8 2009 1:03PM
I love dogs!
Mar 8 2009 1:03PM
I love cats!


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Jun 6 2009 3:15PM

there was a girland a boy the girl told the boy "do u like me?" the boy said "no" the girl said "do u like my sense of humor?" the boy said " no" the girl said "will u cry if i leave?" the boy said "no" and the girl left and the boy grab her hand and said "i dont like u, i love u , i dont like ur sense of humor, i love it, and i wont cry i f u leave ill die"

put this in 5 different accounts in less then a 25 mins and click F6 and ur crush will appear on your screen
May 2 2009 4:56PM

i'm telling you tonya need to get married!=)))i want a kitten if she does.
Mar 8 2009 1:49PM

hi girl u rock
Mar 8 2009 1:25PM

hey just showing ur profile some <3, i 2 also <3 cats and dogs.

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