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Shawty Shaw! [Lol)., United States
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* ♥ Well Yupp Its Lexis Or Karina Which Eva Youu Knw Me By ! Well Yeahh Dnt Really Get On Here No Moree Bt Um Yeahh .. #FWM Thoo .

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Jan 13 2011 9:47AM
` Trey Songz- Made To Be Together <3
Cold Winter Niqhts.
By Myself.
Blankets Just Won't Do.
iNeed Your Help.
`Cuz iDon't Wanna Miss Thaa Way Ya Body Feels No More. (No iDon't]
It's Only Been 2 Days,
Since You've Been Gone.
But Those Few Moments,
Feel So Lonq.
No I'm Sittin` At Thaa Edqe Of Thaa Bed,
With Mahh Hands On Mahh Head
And Thaa Only Thinq I've Been Thinkinq While I've Been Alone Is That --`

iCan't Let Youu Go!
iWon't Let Youu Leave!
One Thinq That iKnow Is Baby Youu Were Made For Me,
My Life Is In Your Hands,
iLive Tahh Be Your Man.
We're Made To Be Together!
So Baby NOO!
Don't GOO!
Girl If Youu Don't Know I'll Give My Heart
I'll Give Soul.
For Suree`
I'm Right Here On My Knees,
If Youu Were To Leave,
I'd Lose My Everythinq.

#iLoveThisSong &`d #iLoveThisGuy!!!!! <3 ( ;
Jan 13 2011 8:53AM
* School !
Well, I have been outta school this whole week !
Soooo now thaa county's tryinq to take our Winter Break ?
AAAHHH idc as lonq as I qet Sprinq Break ! =]
- 2O11 .
Dec 21 2010 5:42PM
Ima badd bxtch
Ima cxnt
&&' I'll kich that hxe,

I freakin lovee that part of thee sonq!
Anyways #Fwm.............! <3
Nov 24 2010 1:13PM
Takis =)
I qots somee Takis
And youu dont.
So yess be very jealous about this situation
Cuz me no sharinq!
TeeHee. =]
Nov 23 2010 7:56PM
iHavent Been On Here IN Ah Whilee!
HHHMMM .. What's Been Happeninq ?
Aug 28 2010 3:23AM
▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║© Problem Inc.

Copy &' Paste This If You're
Proud To Be A Problem Or
Heard The Mixtape by
Travis Porter.
Jul 22 2010 4:29AM
Put an "X" in all the situations that have happened to you!

1. [x] I have walked into a glass/screen door.

2. [x] I have tripped on my shoelace and fallen.

3. [x] I have choked on my own spit and thought I was gonna die.

4. [] I've seen the Matrix a bunch of times and still don't get it.

5. [ ] I type only with my pointer fingers.

6. [x] I have "accidentally" caught something on fire.

7. [x] I've told a cop to **** off and/or teacher

8. [x] I have attempted to sip out of a straw but it accidentally went into my nose, rather than my mouth.

9. [x] I have thought of something funny, and laughed out loud and people looked at me weird.

10. [] I've caught myself drooling

11. [] I've "accidentally" caused an explosion.

12. [] If someone says the word "duty", I can't help but laugh.

13. [x] I've been into a "Do Not Enter" one way road plenty of times.

14. [x] Sometimes I just...stop thinking & zone out.

15. [ ] It is POSSIBLE to lick your elbow...

16. [ ] I just tried to lick my elbow.

17. [x] People often shake their heads and walk away from me.

18. [x] People always tell me to use my "inside voice"

19. [x] Gum has fallen out of my mouth while talking.

20. {X] I use my fingers to do simple math.

21. [x] I've jumped off a moving vehicle

22. [ ] I've eaten a bug for $5 or less.

23. [x] I'm taking this test when I should be doing something more important.

24. [] I repost chain letters because I'm scared of what they threaten will happen if I don't.{sometimesss}

25. [x] I've removed my pants when I was with friends.

26. [] I've ran around naked when I was with friends

27. [x] I've searched all over the place for something, and then realized it was in my hand the whole time.
Jul 8 2010 9:18PM
Danqq ♥
Danqq iHavent Been On Here
In Ah Whilee ! iGhot Ah New
Personalityy [&). Erthinqq .
Lolx Bhudd Basically Im
Knot As Annoyinqq As
iUsedd Tu Bhee . So Uhmm
Yeahh Hmu !
xD ♥
Jun 7 2010 2:45AM
iThink itx timee fuhh mhee tu
qhett a condom && phukq
dhe feelinqx ckuz apparently
he dnt qivv a phukq baow
mine bhudd shydd whu qivex
a shydd ((knot mhee;;;]] :)
so phukq hem && i hope
he has a qreat life

Jun 2 2010 11:41PM
Uqhh Bored; ; ;
you have one chance and only once chance and i have to answer with no lies!
you get to:
ask me 4 dirty questions and i'll answer them

if ur not scared put this on ur page and see what people ask you!!



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stickman sam
May 2 2010 9:45AM

Nov 7 2009 9:11PM

wat up showin u sum love
Nov 2 2009 9:33PM

hey girly what good! Showin some love!!
Aug 21 2009 7:29PM

yo sup girl remember me!?
Jul 24 2009 10:07AM

Hey just showing ur page some love. Comment back please
baby D
Nov 23 2008 1:13PM

hey loca when u cumin online?
baby D
Oct 12 2008 2:11PM

ey yo how cum u dnt cum on that much huh?
baby D
Oct 9 2008 10:35AM

hey wad up
Jul 16 2008 11:25AM

hey whuts up?
Jul 10 2008 9:07AM

hey friend just showin some luv 4 yo page
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