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blake|single|i skateboard|16|"~Do i have to spell it out , or scream it in your face? the chemistry between us could destroy this place♥~"|meagan|Peace.Inbox me

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Jun 18 2011 5:08PM
eff you
**** you.**** your friend.**** your man.**** your moms.**** your moms momma.**** your confidence.**** your lies.**** your face.**** your thighs.**** your bro.**** your older bro(if you dont have one i dont give a ****)**** your period.**** your b****y mood.**** you hoe.**** your tude.**** your shallowness.**** you.**** you.**** you.oh and did i mention **** YOU??
May 22 2011 12:08PM
AW you guys made me ink
"Weather = S L U T
The wind blows u....
The rain makes u wet....
The sun makes u take ur clothes off....
The snow covers u in white stuff :P"
May 17 2011 8:20PM
new pic (;
May 15 2011 6:31PM
ATTACK attack! WHERE you AT?
Inbox me? anyone bored here paah
Apr 20 2011 5:47PM
4 F U C K I N G 2 0
Apr 20 2011 4:30PM
All the things that you said was it all in my head?

Come on baby
Keep it down, honey hush your lips
Clothes trailing from the backdoor to the bedroom
And I don’t even know your name

(Woo) Give me all you’ve got
Make this night worth my time
Make this worth my time

Oh what I would give to live this night again
I knew when I first saw you
You’d **** like a whore
You’d **** like a whore
Hope they hear you screaming for more

Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze
My lips, your poison
They bring you down to your knees
Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze
My lips, your poison
They bring you down to your knees

(Oh, come on)

Girl get down
It’s almost over
Take it all the way (Oh!)

You stupid ****ing whore

And after all of all my dreaming being only you
You’re standing there baby
Oh the things that I could do
Back to the wall with a drink in my hand
Back it up, baby; ride, ride, ride

One step too late
And I never told you (never told you)
That I can't take another disappointment
Breathing and grasping
All leads to another messy ending
Breathing and grasping
All leads to another messy ending

With your back against the wall
With your face buried in the pillow
I see you cold, I feel you heartless

b****, you stupid ****ing b****
You stupid ****ing b****

****ing b****
Apr 15 2011 6:36PM
need new peeps to talk to ..inbox me **** -.-
Apr 7 2011 8:07PM
bout time i leave here anyways..
Apr 7 2011 6:51PM
ima dumbass thought you actually loved me..
Apr 7 2011 12:24AM
**** my life and **** everyone else...going to kill myself ive had it ive been on the edge for a while i have nothing to
live for every love i had betryed me,my parents dont give a **** abt me,i dont even go home most of the time just skate and hang with my friends..my real fam...on my last thing probably gonna go to juvie so watev...but watever im done with life..**** it


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Apr 12 2012 4:42AM

Get on and message me >x'(
Jul 5 2011 1:21PM

i sicken u?
Apr 28 2011 7:10PM

>;o Quit Being a whore and message me :(
Apr 19 2011 6:29PM

blake!! stop acting like were all gonna die!! im one girl out of a million!
Apr 17 2011 11:32PM

i still love u blake!! even though we broke up!! :/
Apr 8 2011 9:06PM

yea you with the skinny ass!!!
Feb 27 2011 6:09PM

You fag Dx
You dont msg or talk to me anymore..
wtc has the world come to??
XD msg more or or or else!!
Feb 16 2011 12:49AM

happy late valentines day baby i love u 2!!<333
Feb 14 2011 12:44AM

(: haha ur a funny bunny<33
Feb 13 2011 3:34PM

yes i will baby!!<33 and oh psh i knew that!!(:<33
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