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Jan 8 2009 12:09PM
sumthin tht u can understand more...
letz put it this way im a really easy person ta get along wit but den derrz timez ugh u dnt even wanna knw...people say whn i get mad i get a really bad temper an im startin ta see it an im workin at it but it aint goin fast ive got put in anger clazz for 2 in a half yearz this year would be the third i hate dem clazzez...i like ta hang out wit my friendz an walk da streetz late at night on weekendz an **** idk itz werid but i stay in dark alliez whn i walk idk i hate main i like my friendz were like a family if u have a problem wit one u have a problem wit all so yeh dnt wanna get in dat i have two guieni pigz one iz a gurl an da otha iz a boy...i like rap hip hop an some punk...i have brown eyez/hazel...there brown in da dark but whn i get up in light there kind of skinny an im 14 goin on 15 in march 24th i am pretty much livin how i want...i really dnt listen ta my dad an i do wha i want...o if u give me attitude or **** ur gettin it bakk...lil qoute on qoute...u can hate me or love me idc...if u hate me i hate u if u love me like a friend i love u like a there iz a love of my life an hiz name is brian but we call him muggzey he iz my otha half an so on...o an hez da one i wanna be wit for da rest of my life...:)...i hate school anything tht haz ta do wit school...whn i finish high school i wanna go ta collage but wait like 2 yearz...o an im not bi or lez IM STRAIGHT so gurlz dont botha askin me out or nothin cuz i'll cuss u out dat simple...o an i almost forgot i like ta party an have fun...have a nice day...:]


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william money
Mar 25 2009 12:44PM

wats good gurl just stopping by to show u and your page some luv
Mar 18 2009 12:21PM

nothing much just bored :P
emo kid 666
Mar 13 2009 10:30AM

i love u to jessica<3

No homo
emo kid 666
Mar 13 2009 10:30AM

i love u to jessica<3

No homo
william money
Mar 9 2009 1:31PM

all is well just relaxing
Feb 25 2009 12:35PM

ikno lol
Feb 24 2009 11:04AM

bored and sick
Feb 11 2009 12:12PM

nothing u
emo kid 666
Feb 10 2009 5:04PM

Feb 10 2009 10:02AM

um maybe i will idk....
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