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well for now im taken great guy to get to know love make friends party a lot so drink smoke up a lot but slowing down cause my friend has to and dealing with culture stuff with her Since feb 23rd 2014 she be getting out on march 21st 2014 (Y)

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May 24 2015 3:35AM
Ur a B..itch for posting about me lol I did stop by earlier but everyone was still sleeping lol message instead of posting :) and no me and Nikki have not been talking so its fine and I'm not partying shockingly so don't tell her I am and good go back to gaming I don't want to deal with you right now niggz lol
Mar 13 2014 7:28AM
i fuuckking cant believe this
they ****ing torcher her in there **** there changd rules changing wtf not suppose to and she isn't doing well right now im worried about her she has a week left getting out 21st she wasn't in there long but its good wasn't longer they r mean to her said isn't there for punishment its for honor fuuucck that nt if ur mean and torcher the fuuckk outta her and said they did it save her life I see y but not for punishment seems llike itt the way they r with her that life style isn't for her right now she was trying get help she needed and was getting back to school and gonna try find a job but you guys fuked it up wth that stupid place now she may get out and fallow her moms steps she does act out doesn't let much of them push her around and all but when she does they try run her till she cant no more STUPID she sai she b drinking and getting high get back at them said she isn't going change her life stayin that way they cant controle her its her life not theirs but ik she will b twice as bad when she gets out with way she is and hopefully will wait her 10 days before going back to her normal life

now next month cant do what she has planned for a while its going b her bday think she said she going do it anyways ****ing dumb asses well I haven't been getting much sleep so ima jam out and header off to bed night heard she went hospital tonight so try check on her later she isn't staying at that place right now and is at home she trying figure out wat to do when gets out but she going see her step dad getting out Friday that's tomorrow and he going visit her its good she needs him and always goes to him for help hes more of a dad more then her real dad.....well good night :)
Mar 3 2014 11:39AM
I am sorry I have not been on but I been with angel since February 23rd she is in culture place till sometime this month or april 2nd but ima go help her with her ties and pant she home for few nights cuzz not doing well but she goin back in couple days g2g tho sorry ill try get on soon
Feb 22 2014 1:44PM
ok wkw
I get on and like u seen me and signed off really?
Feb 16 2014 7:33PM
Hurryup in message me I was suppose to be gne 5 mins ago u want advice message quick
Feb 13 2014 4:27PM
Just because you do it I will do it till you stop because I know if I don't I wont have another way stop you!
You Are Worth It Always Have And Always Will EVERYONE IS! u r my friend and all and nothing going change it You can trust me on that
And See What? That I don't want nothing to happen to you and u haven't seen that yet?
Jan 2 2014 8:51AM
convo starts of with sure then it goes email me then asking if i have a girl im like no she like oh ill b ur gf im like what the ****! then she goes off about sayin sending pics to a guy im like dude ur age tha fuq how you goin get respect and **** and u dont respect urself and went on about it and said who ever raisin her isnt doing good at it and her age shouldnt be on these sites or anything then she goes and says ur right ill just go kill myself then sends one message not even 2 mins later sayin u happy im going to die and kill myself im like really someone points something out u respond with im going to kill myself now or ya im goin to die now then im like really GROW THE **** UP NOW! dang kids man
Jan 2 2014 8:35AM
i swear to god man kids now a days i mean i meet alot of girls but really not much i meet are like this and if there is...damn they better change i mean tha fuq how do u expect a guy to respect you if you dont respect yourself and send pics cuz they ask for damn all you know is you think they like you but you know they just asking so they can jerk off to ur damn pics thats just nasty yall need grow the **** up man like seriously if you decide to be that way then good for u but damn dont bother try talkin to me if thats way u decide to b....****in crawlies man i swear guys out there will use girls for sex pics.etc like **** get it through ur damn thick skull!!!
Jan 2 2014 3:15AM
To Be Honest ill be coming on sometime to talk to my "Babe" Cody Lol I Know Angel Hates This So yeah but a little while later ill be stopping myself from coming on here Just so yall know
Jan 2 2014 2:17AM
dont feel like deleting all my now 62 post im going to delete all messages :)

okay i am editing this post i am not deleting all my messages lol


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Dec 1 2014 1:56AM

I miss you so much
Aug 28 2014 12:09AM

I have been trying to get on more.
Seems everytime I get on I miss you by 5mins
Aug 15 2014 6:00PM

Since you haven't been on before I haven't been on.
I check this site every once in a while to see if I have any messages from you<3
shelly b dog
Aug 15 2014 1:01PM

hey thank u for being here for me, i really miss u,and i want to stay friends FOREVER!!! lol, well i'm here for u too, when ever i'm on, so i home u find a girl perfect for u someday :) bye <3 love you
shelly b dog
Aug 13 2014 3:16AM

hey, i'm srry i really did love u, but i had to move on, i'm srry i will miss u, love u bye
Aug 8 2014 1:21PM

It saddens me how little we talk anymore
Mar 6 2014 10:55PM

bend now or else face Milenko
Mar 2 2014 10:41PM

Get on.
Good lord.
The only reason I'm still on this ****ing site is because of you.
Blake left, Chene's never on same for Sam
Feb 24 2014 3:20PM

mofo i dont bend so u better
shelly b dog
Feb 20 2014 9:58PM

lol, love the comment,
srry I've been so stressed
well I love u, and always will
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