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hi um my name iz jenny I am a belizean and many othr stuff. I am addicted to rock music I can't live wif out it. I love slipknot and A7x.I'm cool I love talking to people and that's pretty much it =) add me on AIM XxHxUx4xL1F3xX
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Jan 5 2010 7:57PM
aww he still lykes my but idk wat 2 du.i love him nd he luv me. we arent 2 gethr nd we moved on. but i cnt decribe our friend ship. its like we still r togethr. we have our difrences nd he def haz a anger prob but hes my sweetheart.ily dev. tell ur gf i said hey
Nov 26 2009 6:39PM
Look ppl I'm not gonna erase my othr blogs cuzz it's true

Don't judge me cuzz of dis. If u get 2 no me prolly u'll like me. Don't get the wrong image I'm not sum ghetto person. K ? D Get dat straight be don't question the type of guys I like
Nov 26 2009 6:36PM
Ok ppl I know I feel stupid becuzz of my usr name but cum on. I made it when I waz lil so plz **** off
Nov 25 2009 11:24PM
I'm soo well idk wat to do. My friend kevin lykes me be he kept touchiing me be telling me wat a perfet body I have. Be he keeps telling me I'm sexy. I'm not. My to be bf... Really 2 be LOL thnks he same way I hope kevin. Isn't playin wit me but idk. Haha seem like this posting makes no sence. Does it???
Nov 25 2009 10:47PM
All y'all cholos gangstas thugs in LA throw it up rep da 323's south central 4 lyf3
Nov 25 2009 10:46PM
Juggalos never die shout out 2 all y'all juggalos and juggalettes stay strong
Nov 25 2009 10:30PM
Bore as usuall idk how ya spell I haven't been on here for ever LOL. Gosh no ones on. Happy turkey ham day ppls
Nov 25 2009 10:29PM
Well I'm single/taken. ... I dnt get it eithr LOL. Looking 4 sum1 2 tlk 2 maybe a Bestie. I'm like bundled up wit **** 2 tlk bout be I fuken h8 my friends @ skool there soo fake. Well ya peace
Jan 20 2009 7:44PM
represent were u from b****ezz

So throw it up for the ****ing WEST COAST!!!
Jan 19 2009 10:20PM


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Mar 18 2009 9:10PM

i gues u get long love cause u gave me a egg roll
Feb 14 2009 7:29PM

just showing some luv to ur page happy Valentines day

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