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uh at my house?, United States
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oh why all the hurt??

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Aug 28 2008 12:20AM
you are NOT perfect, you are NOT beautiful and most of all u can NOT post blogs about people ya dont know! cuz ya know im NOT broke, im NOT ugly you can ask anybody, and no one is perfect! so get over it! i tried being nice to you but u just judged me cuz im emo. you need to realize that some day all this trash talking is gonna come back to bite you in the ass! and im not a trashy whore! i dont go around sleeping with guys! im smarter then you will EVER be! im in honors classes, i can sing way better then you, i can play a violin, guitar, and i make all A's!!! so get over it! you ARE NOT PERFECT! no one is! you can say what you want but i dont ****ing care b****! you dont know anything about any of these ppl you make fun of! i am who i am and you just cant judge me for that so have a ****ing nice life and STAY OUT OF MINE! cuz my life is better then yours! and you may have gotten my sis but you will never ruin me! i am strong spirited! and i will stand my ground no matter how bad life gets!
Aug 9 2008 11:10PM
hey DeViLs_ReMoUrSe here
ok this is starry but DeViLs_ReMoUrSe is my other account and i love my boyfriend with all my heart and that is me in the pic...i get bored easily +_+
Jul 29 2008 1:32AM
is me lil brother
Jul 21 2008 10:56AM
emo poem 5 *final*
im emo, all alone, with no life, or friends, i sit here today, thinking, do i wanna live or die? i have a cord and a knife, which to choose? the knife ill choose good bye everyone ..........
Jul 21 2008 10:41AM
emo poem 4
my heart is broken, with pieces every where, no one will fix it, so i cut and bleed, no one will care, if i get laughed at, i have no friends, im not understandable, i cut, cut, cut but bleed, bleed, bleed..............
Jul 21 2008 10:37AM
emo poem 3
no one sees me bleed, no one hears me scream, no one sees the pain within me, no one will ever notice me, no one will ever forgive me, im alone forever and always, i need to face the truth, or else ill bleed more and more.......
Jul 21 2008 10:34AM
emo poem 2
the cuts get worse the more i think, i need a shoulder to cry on, but no one is there for me, no one sees the blood, only me, im all alone, forgotten, some one help me, or else i will die sooner than most..........
Jul 21 2008 9:04AM
emo poem
the tears come faster,the cuts get deeper,no one hears me,no one sees me,no one cares,no one will help me,maybe some day, the tears will stop,maybe the cuts will heal,maybe some one will hear me,see me,care about me,or help me,but for now, the tears come faster,and the cuts get deeper.........


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jin 6994
Aug 14 2008 1:41PM

sorry about that k c-ya
jin 6994
Aug 14 2008 1:40PM

skullkid 324
Aug 11 2008 5:08PM

My dad kicked me off sorry
skullkid 324
Aug 10 2008 3:26AM

Hey beautiful I love you to
skullkid 324
Aug 8 2008 3:41AM

Yeah you are lol ^_^
Aug 2 2008 12:52PM

happy B DAY
Jul 31 2008 7:25PM

YES! lets burn barney !!!!
Jul 31 2008 1:40AM

Barney Raped me, o.o and now im really scared he came out of my closet and said Im gonna get you!
skullkid 324
Jul 30 2008 1:46AM

skullkid 324
Jul 30 2008 1:46AM

rawrrrr >:o
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