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My name is Leah just send me some mail. and we can all be friends

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Dec 22 2009 11:35AM
My fave holiday of the year besides my birthday
Dec 19 2009 10:56AM
I have plenty of freinds but some of they are jus to much drama they alwasy arugein talkin bout people and fightin each other. I am violent sometimes but i dont alwas try or want to fight. some of my friends are real like Jade,Oliavia,Shelby and thoose are at shcool there are more but i am not gonna name them but they are real to me, by the way i dont know how to change my name but i want to go by Babyface J.

Babyface J
Dec 11 2009 6:46PM
I tried
all the girls at school are tryin to be my friend jockin my style jus
because i like dis dude named evan they sayin all this stuff bout me gettin there 7th grade
friend tenna to fight and i am so mad it is furtrating

Babyface J
Jan 1 2009 12:02AM
Baby J
Baby J stands for Baby Jamel in the year 2008 in the month of January , 28 he only lived for 2 hours but my family will ALWAYS LOVE HIM. He's my little brother but I always have always will stick up for him he is my little brother forever. I love him so much and will love him in my heart.

Babyface J


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Dec 25 2009 11:38PM

u jus need to b quiet wit ur ghetto, juvy gangsta lookin he yo cuz girls dats jus triflin!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 25 2009 9:15PM

Dats what yo butt gets 4 talkin bout Tony...LOL!! Let's c whos laughin now SuCka!!
Dec 25 2009 9:10PM

Lil' Butta (Da Juvy Gangsta)

ok so dis dude named butta and Leah lyk each otha... but dis dude has been to juvy, he's a ghetto as idk wat, and he's apart of her family ( now dats jus triflin'). But then again Lil' Butta stands up for his girls...but he calld his own sista sun. cuz dis dude accidently hit leah wit a swing and den Buttta is gunna cum ova der and act all tough n stuff... He was lyk "y u hit my girl for sun"...but den his sis came outside and was lyk wat da heck happened and he was lyk " dis dude hit my girl sun!"

So if ur readin dis tell me if Leah shud date him or Leav his ghetto butt alone?

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