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bleedin in da ocean, Japan
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Apr 9 2010 6:29PM
they seee me mowin...
my front lawn... :0
i kno theyre all thinkin im so white and nerdy
Sep 12 2009 4:38PM
heh heh david sold me some pot for $18
Sep 6 2009 7:31PM
*sniffle* i only hav 4 pairz left now =[
Sep 6 2009 12:57PM
the snack that smilez bak
gold fish
Sep 6 2009 12:30PM
mommy sed she wood ground me if i bot some pot
damnit elise!!
Sep 5 2009 2:35PM
these tingyz are sooo cute :D
Tell her you admire her.
Always tell her you love her at all times.
When shes upset hold her tight.
Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with.
Play with her hair.
Pick her up tickle her and wrestle with her.
Just talk to her.
Tell her jokes.
Bring her flowers just because.
Hold her hand and run.
Just hold her hand.
Throw pebbles at her window at night.
Let her fall alseep in your arms.
Sing to her no matter how awful you sounds.
Get her mad at you then kiss her.
Give her piggy back rides.
Push her on swings.
Tell her she looks beautiful.
When shes sad stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything.
Look into her eyes and smile.
Kiss her on the forhead.
Kiss her in the rain.
And when u fall in love with her TELL HER
Sep 5 2009 1:55PM
When i dont call you >[ Its because im waiting for you to call me ]
-When i walk away from you mad >[ Follow me ]
-When i stare at your mouth >[ Kiss me ]
-When i push you or hit you >[ Grab me and dont let go ]
-When i start cussing at you >[ Kiss me and tell me you love me ]
-When im quiet >[ Ask me whats wrong ]
-When i ignore you >[ Give me your attention ]
-When i pull away >[ Pull me back ]
-When you see me at my worst >[ Tell me im beautiful ]
-When you see me start crying >[Just hold me and dont say a word ]
-When you see me walking >[ Sneak up and hug my waist from behind ]
-When im scared >[ Protect me ]
-When i lay my head on your shoulder >[ Tilt my head up and kiss me ]
-When i steal your favorite hat >[ Let me keep it and sleep with it for a night]
-When i tease you >[ Tease me back and make me laugh ]
-When i dont answer for a long time >[ reassure me that everything is okay ]
-When i look at you with doubt >[ Back yourself up ]
-When i say that i like you >[ I really do more than you could understand ]
-When i grab at your hands >[ Hold mine and play with my fingers ]
-When i bump into you >[ bump into me back and make me laugh ]
-When i tell you a secret >[ keep it safe and untold ]
-When i look at you in your eyes >[ dont look away until i do ]
-When i miss you >[ im hurting inside ]
-When you break my heart >[ the pain never really goes away ]
-When i say its over >[ i still want you to be mine]
Aug 29 2009 6:23PM
No rivers span is quite as vast
No mountains reach so high.
No roses scent is quite as sweet
As the love I hold inside.

Every time I see your face and
Every time you smile,
Every time I kiss your lips,
My love grows all the while

I’m the luckiest woman to walk the earth
To know a love like yours
Loving is so easy now
You’ve opened my heart’s doors.

And Ill love you til my life has ceased
And still more with my soul
Because that fateful day we met,
My heart you forever stole.

How blessed I am that you are in my life
Not a day goes by when I do not think of you
You make everything alright
To you I do not have to prove myself
For you know me
I love you

How blessed I am that you are in my life
How honoured I am to be a part of yours
Memories made and shared
With you the one I love
My friend, my lover, my queen
Aug 20 2009 12:39PM
the new Lady GaGa Fragrence by hoe incorperated
now u can smell like a slut too!!
and itz but one get 2 free!!
doesnt take much to smell like a slut
Aug 20 2009 11:18AM
bleh, sowwie if i dont talk that much today pplz.
i is violently barfing rite now, so that prob has sumptin to do wit the quiet atmosphere


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Jun 29 2010 2:57PM

yo diz iz chris stoppin by ta say wutz up havnt tlked o been on here ina long fukn while kame bak ta say wutz up but aint gona be here fo long so hope ya read diz
This Guy
May 24 2010 11:17PM

:D howve u been
Oct 26 2009 5:38PM

Sep 15 2009 11:26PM

Lolz ello ;)
skullkid 324
Sep 14 2009 2:26PM

guitar hero
Sep 13 2009 9:47PM

peek a boo guess who brandi
skullkid 324
Sep 13 2009 3:58PM

u smoke pot?
Sep 11 2009 10:45PM

Sep 10 2009 4:32PM

He tried to..And I thought he was dead D:
Sep 9 2009 2:11PM

Nothing really..I left school 'casue i was sick and i was about toc rying and here i amc rying..jake commited suicide!
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