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Jun 27 2010 3:19PM
Uhh Hello.
Umm Been Awhile Yup Yup
So Michael Is Gona Be Back For Now
Even Thought Ive Been Gone Of rlIke Foreverr=[
But Yes Misses Alot Of you People People And Stalkers
Had Alot Of **** Going On But i get To Relax For Two weeks I Think'
So Yea Message Me Maybe?
Jun 8 2010 1:03AM
Uh Oh
So Far Good Thingz Have Come
Proud Of My Mom In Law[[Kristi]]
I Found A Ice Crwm Cone
Friendz Try Throwin Me In The Pool[[But Failed]]XD
Gona Go Do Other Stuff In Awhile
Fun Stuff That Is[[Jellin?]]
Jun 8 2010 12:23AM
Grrr Updatez
I Feel Old
But Not The Old Old Where You Are Wrinkli And Stuff
Just The Young Old[[Making Sense?]]
Ok Good Itz ****ing Hot Here[[Arizona]]
Everything Is Melting And And Umm Yeah
Summer Is Going Good And Fun And Exciting
Oh And I Alreadi Miss Her=[ And My Other Friendz
And Ima Be Back For A While
So Dont Stalk Me Right Away=]
May 7 2010 11:49PM
Now Ima Just Wasting My ****ing Time On Here
Damn...Ehh Ima Leave And Maybe Just Maybe I Will Be Back
Just Dont Get Your Hopes High
Maybe In A Hour Or Two
Ima Get Her Tonite >/
If I Can Find Her Or She Might Be Partying Without Me:T
May 7 2010 11:32PM
Hello There You.
Ok So Im Back..For A While:T
Ive Been Busy And Like Busy
But Yeah..Where The **** Did Lauren Go?!!
Anyone Seen Her?=[
Oh and Some New Playlist Pics Are Up
And They are Kinda Random[[Like Always]]
But Yeah Umm Dont Be Weird.
Apr 2 2010 12:03AM
Im Such In A Down Mood Right Now
And Im Not Saying This To Get Attention
I Dont Want It At All
I Dont Know What I Realli Want Right Now Actualli
Mar 28 2010 9:03PM
Happi 8th Annniversari
Wow... Our Time Together Is Going By Fast
It Realli Seemed To Me Like It Was Two Days Ago We Were Celebrating Our 7th Annversari
I Truli Am So Lucki To Have An Amazing,Beautiful,Funny Girl
You are All I Want, Care And Love For
You Make Me Feel Just Loved
And I Just Love Everything About You
Your Silliness,Your Imaginative Mind, And How You Show The Way You Love Me
I Would Never Ever Do Anithing To Let You Go
I Cant Break A Heart Like Yours
You Are One Intresting Girl...Who I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With
So Happi 8th Anniversari Lauren Hoffman
I Love You

Love Your-
Michael MacNummi [[MacIntosh]]
Mar 27 2010 12:30AM
She Tries So Hard To Be With Me
She Wants To Be With Me And I Want The Same
I Can Tell
But I Cant Be With Her
Not Always...No
I Want Her With People Who Are There For Her
I Hardli Am...It Just Makes Me Feel So ****ing Bad
And I Keep Thinking Im Just Ruining Her Life Cuz Of Me
Then I Get In A ****ti Feeling Cuz Of That
Maybe I Need A Break..Idk.
Oh Well :T
Mar 19 2010 10:50PM
Gummeh Bearz
Went To Prescott Today
I Was On A Secret Mission..Shhhh
But Yeah It Got Boring
And Then I went To Golden Corral
And It The Best Place Cuz It Has all Typez Of Dessertz
And Loaded Up A Plate Of Gummeh Bearz And People Just Stared At Me...It Was Scarri
And I Was Hyper All Day For No Damn Reason And Now Ima So Tired =[
And Now Ima Here.. =]
Mar 15 2010 2:57AM
Im Thinking Im Thinking...
Hmmm I Cant Sleep=[
Ima Hungri,But Im Too Lazi To Get Something
And And I Feel Dizzi
So I Am Thinking About Getting A New Account
On Here Of Course
So Yeah...No Sleeping For Meh


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May 18 2010 9:35PM

hi son (:
its ok michael if you have
more important things to do
do them dont come on here if you cant
i only want the best for u (:
ya i hope so
i miss u guys too
d: no you probaly miss me the same
May 8 2010 5:23AM

u cant let the wistlerz get mehhh Michael
ima still mad that u havnt stoleded meh yet
thankerz choo again
but i thought it wuz 4 meh? i want my cuddli bear mister
i love you too
Apr 22 2010 12:53AM

come on!!!! :(
Feb 6 2010 12:03PM

me hve been around>.> <.<
l0l omg i saw yuhr most recent blogg
l0l i was one of those lil kids.
who wud run up to a hot guyxD
and i still do tht:P ily big bro
and mommy and sissy!!
Jan 31 2010 12:02AM

ohh wow i forgot bout yuh bud!:O
mehh srry=/,anyways came 2 say hi and blah blah
t2ul!! <33 yuh kno who i am
Jan 21 2010 10:46PM

im not a goof =P
you are michael!! =)))
Jan 17 2010 6:45PM

:T u realli need to come on more
i need u right now D :
Jan 10 2010 1:14PM

heyxx buddie wats up?!?!
Jan 10 2010 11:29AM

Awww. Sorry.
But She Doesn't Seem To Come On Any More.
And I've Been Really Busy With School And Sh!t.
Jan 9 2010 11:37PM

hey miachel buddie!!!!!!!! wat up?!?!?!
sara/jess penguin
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