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dying slowly, United States
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im back im still alive liven back at home .. goin back to motox dont know wich sponsor i want. Taken

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Mar 26 2011 4:08AM
Yur love
If our love ends I would wish for death before leaving you because my love for u is endless as the boundaries of the earth but at one point it has to end the world and love but no love goes On after life as the earth may not but I will love you on good days on bad days on rainy days even wen life is so pointless most would put the barrel to their heads and pull the trigger becaus of the attraction between you and I is almost gravitational as wit a tilt a whirl but remember forever I love you
I love you baby...........
Mar 16 2011 12:44PM
im back
i need someone to message come on someone
Mar 11 2011 10:15AM
**** i am tired blood dried to my face and arms scars showing on my body crusting in blood i need a ****in toke
Mar 10 2011 2:06PM
i have wished for the one girl that could help me with my depression i think ive found her i love her
Jan 31 2011 2:02PM
idk wats goin on im high i just ate and im getting sick.....
Jan 31 2011 1:49PM
i needs someone to talk to
Dec 20 2010 12:52PM
i cut it feels so ****in good omg i forgot how it feels bleeding all over lol **** yu if u dont like wat i do
Oct 7 2010 1:10PM
i hate my life wish i could end this failure called my life because my life gets worse by the day nobody likes me no friends no love too much hurt i dont even feel any love from my girl.... it's really pissing me off because it took me too long to try to get her then i feel no love....
Oct 6 2010 2:32PM
my life falls apart as my cuts get deeper and i forgot i had a heart my body is cold my eyes and face show no emotion my closest friends are backstabbers and evryone wishes i was dead.. i have no life barely any friends drugs and alchohol cant ease the pain.. as i scream can anybody help me people say they can but they end up hurting me...... CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?????
Oct 4 2010 2:12PM
my life went for being on cloud9 to about dirt when my friends started thinking they had to be on drug after i quit and now one of them called me last night crying asking why did this happen to me i ruined my life with drugs and now i put a gun to my head why did u deal wit drugs so well........ first of all i started drugs when my life went wrong lost all my friends and wen everyone hated me it was something to take the mental pain away and now my life got better so i plan to keep it all good.......


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Wolf Princessa
Aug 30 2010 5:33PM

Heyy best buddie lol

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