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wishin i was in, El Salvador
About Me:
yo its chris umm. if you want to know sh*t bout meh just ask me or mah friends Jasmine, Lindsey and Natalie. Yo they ish GOODEEEERR DAN B*TCH!!! p.s. im a bum. hmu ^_^ add mah new profile: latino bum :]

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Aug 7 2011 8:43PM
Dear you.
OMGGGGG! your soo goofy
ive talked to you for like ever
haha and we always laugh
and you are always there when i need to talk
i'll miss talkin to you and u deff will
have to message me when you make a new one :)
stay cool
good luck :)
Aug 7 2011 8:08PM
swagg :]
went to the mall wit mah homies after mah acting session today. bought a sh*t load of new clothes. wo0o0! gotta luv tax free weekend. i saved like 20$. well looks like im all set for the school year. even tho it dont start for bout another month haha :D
Aug 6 2011 8:14PM
mah moods today
fml, nervous, bored, f*ckin happy! tired, sad, happy (again) and now bored (again). hmu ^_^
Aug 6 2011 6:56PM
dear parents...
Jasmine was in dirty relationship with a dirty homeless boy named Aladdin. Snow White lived alone with 7 men. Pinnochio was a liar. Robin hood was a thief. Tarzan walked around without clothes on. A stranger kissed Sleeping beauty and she married him. Cindrella snuck out at night to attend a party.
You cant blame us. We were taught to rebel since a young age..
Aug 6 2011 4:44PM
umm wow
so who exactly ish Che Guevara?
and tell meh why my dad thinks that he is a hero? :O
Aug 6 2011 6:36AM
off to sum acting session joint. il probably be gone till bout 4ish. BYE ^_^
Aug 5 2011 10:42PM
yo hago lo que me da las ganas, cuando me da las ganas. y ahorita tengo ganas pa dormir :]
Aug 5 2011 9:32PM
haha now i ish all hyper cuz mah mom just gave a bottle of INCA COLA (lol its an awesome peruvian soda) and i chugged the whole bottle and mah mom was like O_o haha YAYS ^_^
Aug 5 2011 8:29PM
thing i hate #15
that feeling i get wen i kno mah friend is in trouble or is hurtin but i cant do anythin to help them >-< im srry v_v
Aug 5 2011 5:44PM
shark bait hoo haha!
omg i just watched Finding Nemo for the first time in mah life todays :D


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Sep 24 2011 10:21AM

Lol i missed u too <3
Latino_bum :]
Aug 12 2011 5:19PM

okays ^_^ ILY (no homo) but ur me so.....does that make it homo? or am i just that self centered? well iether way BYE! ^_^
Latino_bum :]
Aug 12 2011 5:16PM

wat? =/
Latino_bum :]
Aug 12 2011 5:14PM

is it wierd that im talkin to mahself rite now?
Latino_bum :]
Aug 12 2011 5:10PM

OMG hi Chris!!!!!! ^_^
Aug 6 2011 9:45PM

nuh uh! ur MY AriZona lovin super sweet and funny bum :P
Aug 6 2011 9:19PM

lol yuppers!!! i have many sides to me and im very talented :P
Aug 6 2011 9:13PM

lol i am not embarrassed to say im a creeper xD
Aug 5 2011 9:18PM

haha kool
Aug 5 2011 9:11PM

its awesome how ur always there for me
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