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i love to chillax when i can , i love to shop if i could i would shop till everyone droped unfortunely i dont have that kind of money. but alway love shoes, so see ya later. my favorite player is MARIO CHALMERS OF THE KANSAS JAYHAWKS

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May 4 2008 5:10PM
read my jokes below and comment do you think they are funny if you understand them of course
May 4 2008 5:09PM
lovin it
long live livin long and lovin every minute of it
May 4 2008 5:08PM
im gettin along wit mii sis 4 now but she is kind of annoying cuase she be noein all these people and i dont but i will next year i will be at the same school as her next year
Feb 16 2008 5:26PM
so mad
i am so mad my sister acts like she can do what ever she wants she weres my clothes to much
Feb 2 2008 5:32PM
jokes part2
there was these three guys that were at the gate to heaven and this lady asked them if they have ever cheated on there wife and the first guy was like about1imes so he got a raggady slug bug 2nd guy said that he only did it a few times so he got a BMW last guy was like no i never would do that it is rong so he got a mersaties bens. then the guy with the mersadies bens was siten on the curb and the other guys were like whats rong you got the best car. and the guy said i just saw my wife and she was on a skate board!
Feb 2 2008 5:22PM
loven life
loven life thats all i got so dont screw with fate or you will get cuaght
Feb 2 2008 5:21PM
jokes part 1
2 fish were swimming down the river and they run into a concrete wall one turns to the other and says dam/n
Jan 18 2008 5:55PM
hey my freind terranie is tight she is like a sister to me
Jan 1 2008 4:24PM
a grouch is a grouch because all they do is sit on the couch and pout and pout. they aint got no job so they sit like a bump on a log. they complaine about pian and we all no its lame. a gouch is a grouch

Written by amber full version availble when found.
Dec 25 2007 6:04PM
i am at my grandparents house so i can spend the christmas with them and the rest of my family! it is cool but it gets hard because i have asthma and they hav a real christmas tree ad i am allergic to them , but i think i survive bucase i can do almost any thing i want gotta go! holla! shot colla


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Mar 19 2009 10:51AM

what's Minnie without Mickey?? what's Tigger without Pooh?? what's patrick without Spongebob?? what's me without you?? send to 10 ppl u love or friends you never wanna lose!! If u get this back it means, you are important to them too.
May 30 2008 3:50PM

no im jk jk wassup
May 30 2008 3:50PM

you a b****
Apr 16 2008 6:28PM

read ma page now
Apr 16 2008 4:20PM

Feb 17 2008 6:10PM

hey just stp 2 sho ur pg sum luv
T3 4M0O!
Feb 10 2008 4:05PM

hey thank u for the comment u r the best
Feb 10 2008 11:44AM

hey gurl ur 1st comment from me!
Jan 30 2008 6:02PM

i know thanks your mine too!!!!!!!
Dec 13 2007 11:29PM


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