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Jul 27 2012 12:28AM

Smack-Tastic: Adj. Smaa-ck-taas-tick. Being so Awesome you Deserve to be Slapped.
Yes a Doozy..
Jul 27 2012 12:07AM

You're Smack-Tastic
I don't Even know you're Name o.o
kwell Baiii:3
Feb 25 2012 9:51AM

Heyy! Bestest friend!
Btw I Own This Page :)
Jul 7 2011 5:11PM

- P.S: That was all supposed to be one whole message but this stupid thing told me to "modify" my comment so I did. So this is one big comment to you buddy. <333 (:
Jul 7 2011 5:09PM

-Taylor. (:
Jul 7 2011 5:06PM

I don't really think this site is that great for me to be on, I mean I have a life here. You know?
But you, especially, I had to say "bye" too. I'll be on every now and then just not all the time.
So, I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, & thank you for always being there. (:
Jul 7 2011 5:05PM

Hey buddy, you know i just noticed that your picture is the symbol thing for Pink Floyd.. Cool (:
Well um, I know that's random but whatever. Well this chick still loves you!! Bestie < 3 .
Jul 16 2010 2:05AM

Hey babe Darlin Sweety Doll face XD guess wat!? Idk i forgot anyways XD Did u kno i own ur comment/page virginity? wateva it dont matter I call ur comment virginty if some one already has it i just stole it mwahahaha>=]] hehehe its mine XD ▓<<<<<<<< Thats ur comment virginity!!! and luk now I have it mwahhaah (^o^)>▓ Ivy waz here >=]]
Jun 30 2010 3:24PM

Hey Hey (:
You know, You FAN - ****IN - TASTIC :D
I love you babe (: (beestiee)
~Taylorr. Your sweetumms xD
May 27 2010 12:23PM

Hey Sweetieee (:
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