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Feb 27 2010 8:40PM
I'm hacking again :P whats up sis? I'm hyperrr and bored so...... (you didn't see anything)
Feb 25 2010 5:23PM
wassup! its will
Hey all it's will right here on nicole's profile!!! omg can you believe it? she's my sis and if anyone does anything to her that she doesn't like you better be watchin over your shoulder for the rest of your life!! (or atleast till i kick your butt into next week) Peace!
Jan 21 2010 7:50PM
The Car And The Garage
There is two kids playing in a sandbox. One was a boy, and the other kid was a girl. The boy pulled down his pants and the girl asked “what’s that”? The boy said “I don’t know, I’ll ask my dad. When the boy got home, he pulled down his pants and asked his dad “what’s this”? His dad said “thats your car, you always want to put your car into a girl’s garage”. When the girl went home, she asked her mom “whats this”? Her mom told her “that’s a garage, you never want a boy to put his car into your garage”. The next day, the boy and the girl went back to the sandbox. The boy tried to put his car into the girl’s garage. The next thing you heard was a loud scream. Then an old man came running over and asked “what happened”? The girl told him “the boy was trying to put his car into my garage, so I pulled his two back tires off”.


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