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Hello, I'm here to observe how this site has changed all these years. Nothing more.

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May 23 2014 12:19AM
It looks like no one is here anymore. :3 Bye again.
May 18 2014 8:59PM
I don't know why..
I missed this place. I don't know why everyone I knew left. Including myself. But I can give this place another chance. We'll see who shows up.
Aug 11 2010 12:50AM
I think it's funny how my friends and i were all the popular ones, now that new people come, they have no idea who we are. xD
Oh well. It's better that way.
I have been here since like. 2007. I was on topped viewed for like 1 year. Now that's all gone ^^ Woot.
Nov 2 2009 3:10AM
Brent Smith. [[My Favorite]]
Brent Smith has my last name...and my birthday....So it is safe to say that he is my twin.
He is like an angel, If yuh made him sad or even mad, i will kill yuh. Simple as that. :]
Brent is amazingly gorgeous..And idk anyone who wouldn't be happy to be with him. Brent i'm so sorry about everything and anything i have ever done that hurt yuh in any way. And it brakes my heart that yuh are depressed about 99.9% of the time. Brent I love muches. Alot. Yuh amaze me in every way shape and form. It's like yuh can never dissapoint me in any way. Plz remember that. <3
And whenever yuh need to talk plz plz plz plz know that i am here..and so is pretty much everyone else. We love yuh Brent. And I just wanted to be the first one to tell yuh that.


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the unforgiven
Mar 25 2011 10:29PM

im one of maci's only guys woohoo eat tht world! :) oh and y do u lke my whole naaaammme :( its gaaaaay
Oct 2 2010 9:14PM

ey misses u 2 :P
May 25 2010 5:49PM

see how what is?! :O
the unforgiven
May 15 2010 6:27PM

:) welcome back to the ****hole!luv u ^_^ lots like dippin dots :P
May 15 2010 1:30PM

We haven't talked in a long time. D:
May 13 2010 6:44PM

*hug* hug buddy :D
Feb 25 2010 11:52PM

I miss you): and Justin..
Your my best friend and I faded away from everybody and I don't really have any friends anymore..I have to make all new ones and nobody is accecpting..Maci your my fxcking best friend and I need you on I have so muchh to tell you and..and..I just need someone to talk to..
I love you.-
Jan 21 2010 8:36PM

hey wats up
Dec 27 2009 9:14PM

MACI!!! u okay?
the unforgiven
Dec 24 2009 11:27PM

:{ u...ur leaven how am i supose to tlk to u :( plzz dont quit plzz
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