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im a 16 year old emo skater named Devon who plays guitar for a heavy metal band and i love pancakes. is there more to add?

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Jan 27 2010 7:44PM
im leaving this account and making a new one if your my freind add me. new account name !DeVoN. gOeS. rAwR!
Jan 26 2010 3:09PM
for those wanting to know
i play expertly the following instruments: guitar, piano, drums, bass, violen, mandolin, chelo, flute, piccilo, turntables, scream vocals, ukelele, organ, harmonica, ring flute, harp, wind harp, musical saw, china glasses, bagpipe, and more stuff i will make another list.
Jan 26 2010 1:00AM
things i hate
i hate when people are 5 feet away from me. i hate when people ask ,of all people, me for directions, its called GET A ******* MAP!!! i hate when think im psycho for walking on peoples cars in traffic. i hate elevator music. i hate banjos. i hate you. and i hate me.
Jan 24 2010 6:15AM
my lip hurts...
my brothers friend talked me into getting snake bites... and now my lip hurts... imagine if you fell on your face skateboarding!
Jan 21 2010 11:52PM
too lonely
no one is on anymore. not even the bestest of friends. except elmo, shes always there... unless shes logged off. then im screwed
anyways, if you are my friend and so happen to cross my profile (i doubt you will) send me comment or message. i dont know why i made this, i know no one will read it.
Jan 20 2010 12:37AM
*looks up to see a camera* woah.. didnt see you there. there have been many "accidents" that have happened to me here on mfg, but i have something to say. life is too short to waste hating people. i want to take this moment to apologize for any hurting i have done... for example. Maci, i am sorry for being a total and complete jackass. anyone i have hurt please tell me if my apologies are accepted... im trying not to fall apart. :'(
Oct 18 2009 5:06AM
I guess no one really cares hm? I... I just thought a little caring wouldn't hurt.
Sep 24 2009 1:14AM
for now on
im gonna be getting on and off cuz im traveling alot with my bro for some reason he wants to travel... idk its crazy but i wont be getting on as much...
Aug 26 2009 1:48AM
Deception Lies Within All *New Album* kinda... not really an album it's on a disc
1. Melody- 6:14
2. Next to last- 2:37
3. Audacious- 4:03
4. We'll all live to see the fall of man- 7:09
5. 1121- 1:50
6. Age of gilded streets- 3:11
7. Like light in the fireflies- 3:47
8. Mistakes- 5:03
9. Flaming tears- 2:52
10. Deception lies within all- 4:49
11. Join us- 2:04
12. When the wall falls (we fall with it)- 9:33
13. Tick tock goes the clock- 3:52
14. Boom- 2:53
15. My throat is bleeding- 4:18
16. This letter is to all/ Fall with dignity my friend/ Age of the broken- 13:52

#16 is three songs put together and they all do go together.
Album length 74:87 AKA ( 1 hour 14 minutes and 27 seconds)
Aug 14 2009 5:23PM
TRUE!! this is not bull****
x] Not All of Us R Depressed
x] we R Nice People
x] we Dont Sit Around All Day Feeling Sorry For Ourselves
x] we DONT Have Made Up Problems
x] we Have Feelings
x] Not All of us R Bi!
x] we R The Hottestt People ALIVE! (well... except me..)
x] we Do Smile
(well hardly)
x] we Do Laugh
x]we all don't cut
Copy and paste if you agree dammit


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Jan 27 2010 10:17PM

Aww Kay.
Good Bye ; Sk8er - Dude99 Account <3
Have A Nice Life!
Jan 27 2010 9:46PM

I Don't Like Pancakes,
They Taste Alittle Weird.
Exspeically with Bananas =(
Jan 27 2010 8:00PM

Yoooou Like Pancakes?!
Woah Sounded Wrong =)
Jan 27 2010 2:52PM

Jan 26 2010 9:24PM

Im sorry.
Jan 26 2010 5:25PM

ImLuckkyy And You Guyys Aren'tLOL.
Jan 26 2010 10:44AM

I'm Innn Yuhr Bloog =)
Yay me!
Dec 27 2009 12:25AM

Merry LATE Christmas.
And A Happy New Year.
Aug 21 2009 4:23AM

Aug 21 2009 4:22AM

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