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¡¡$h@y, 5 "6, 135 libras, mezcladas!! ¡MI BESTIEE ES *POOHPOOH *!* IM *$! El NG13* mi apodo es tigger, uno más cosa es yo dont toman al toro im una persona muy agradable entonces los lol me golpean $$(boy)single}

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Jul 24 2010 2:31PM
¢αℓℓιηg мє FAKE ωση’т мαкє уσυ REAL,
¢αℓℓιηg мє DUMB ωση’т мαкє уσυ SMART,
¢αℓℓιηg мє WEAK ωση’т мαкє уσυ STRONG,
¢αℓℓιηg мє UGLY ωση’т мαкє уσυ PRETTY,
¢αℓℓιηg мє MEAN ωση’т мαкє уσυ NICE,
¢αℓℓιηg мє WEIRD ωση’т мαкє уσυ COOL,
¢αℓℓιηg мє NERDY ωση’т мαкє уσυ POPULAR,
¢αℓℓιηg мє GAY ωση’т мαкє уσυ STRAIGHT,
ѕσ ωну вσтнєя…………………… ………؟
єνєяу ιηѕυℓт уσυ мαкє ιѕ σηℓу нυятιηg YOU
Jul 24 2010 2:30PM
ALWAYS Nd foreva
went to the doctor today, and....

tested positive for sexy
allergic to haters
My blood type is ballin
- - - and the doctor said

Jul 13 2010 7:28AM
im sorry i love you
as a buddy u da best
aint no boy gone get in da way of us
u wus deefo me wen i needed you
so im sorry
Jul 11 2010 5:09PM
lol papis
H£ÅR† ßR£ÅKììÑG, MÅD HÖ††, Ñ£V£R §†ÖP, §HÖR† §KììR†, LÖV£ †Ö FLììRT, †ììGH† J£ÅÑSZ, V£R¥ M£ÅÑ, HììGH CLŧ§, NììC£ ŧ§, §HÅKììN †HY§, CÅNDY £Y£§, LUCììÖU§ LììP§, KììLL£R Kì짧, T£LL M£ CÅN YÖU HÅNDL£ THìì§

if you can:drop the tank,dump the b****,come and get sum of dis,
Jul 11 2010 2:34PM
how could you
My new buddie on here broke my heart she was da best and had to screw it up
i feel so sad rite now i dont kno wat to do
dont wanna talk to anybody
jus wanna cry
the pain jus wont go away
Jul 8 2010 11:11PM
los im tan de rechupete tan cum me comen wil joden u en todas partes pero en da los gound ponen a mi gatito en la boca yo y hacen el trabajo yo im tan de rechupete de rechupete de rechupete tan cum me come
Jul 8 2010 10:58PM
haha read it picture it do it
oye la gente si u quieren añadirme sigue adelante amo a nuevos amigos y para da los tipos cum y me consigo papás
Jul 8 2010 12:32PM
Xxchris b****xX is my new
he isszzz
Jul 8 2010 3:44AM
whos gonna take it
[Ivy Vargas]
Jul 8 2010 3:01AM
Niggas always askin y gurls wont speak dey min and **** or trust dem but was da point?if all you gon do is break our hearts den was da point of lovin dem r givin ourselfs to dem jus to be used and stuff that stuff hurt and you neva think about our feelins jus your owns until u realize wat you just lose i have experienced it and i pray and hope i dont have to experience it again


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Aug 10 2010 2:33AM

realy missn u babe losen my mind babe msg me wen u get bak on
Jul 11 2010 5:21PM

Don't **** with my lil sister whoever the b**** was to **** up her relationship with man is a hoe
Jul 10 2010 12:55PM

mizzn u baby msg me wen u get bak on
Jul 9 2010 7:22PM

AwwH ily
Jul 9 2010 1:29PM

itz me nd u 2 the end baby i promise that ****
Jul 8 2010 3:06AM

real tlk baby i hate fake azz niggaz
Jul 5 2010 12:12AM

my chick badd!!!
hey my bad chick!!!
i miss youuh
i love you always
-*fruhm a bad b!!!h
Aug 18 2009 8:53PM

HAha NO gush haha jpjp num chilling TExting Wats ur number girl miss u two
Aug 15 2009 3:04PM

Hey Wats gud Cuite Num Chilling and texting aw wmiss u two and love utehe
Aug 11 2009 11:23AM

hahahah aww love u two so wats gud wit u
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