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over there where you cant see me.................., United States
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you cant judge a book by its cover.... thats why i read the summary ^-^

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Trinity J
Jan 9 2010 6:17PM

Hmm...dont talk to yuh much any more...miss yuh bunchels......btw pic....not me...meh cuz and ill have pics soon hun =]
Trinity J
Nov 19 2009 6:26AM

I Love You (as a friend) wink wink
Trinity J
Nov 18 2009 5:52AM

especcilly not some of the peaple who say they will, and ill miss you too
Trinity J
Nov 17 2009 8:15PM

not every one =/
Trinity J
Nov 16 2009 2:50PM

im going to miss you so much austin, *hugz* best friendss
Trinity J
Nov 8 2009 1:55PM

natsua ish a meanie, hes like your opposite, cause you ish super nice, but he ish funny lolz =]
Trinity J
Oct 8 2009 6:24PM

well, my friends one was not as high as yours, wich in this case, not liking you that much of a friend is not a bad thing =3
Trinity J
Oct 6 2009 8:27PM

ugg, now you know about how much you really are my friend, with the number thing and stuff, i dont know yet if i regret that, but whatever love ya =]
Trinity J
Oct 1 2009 3:58PM

lol talking like a three year old VVV
Trinity J
Sep 30 2009 4:07PM

OMG OMG OMG, guess what............your my best friend!! i wuv you and hope you having a awesum dway! =]
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