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Jan 20 2012 8:03PM
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Valentines Day Is Coming!
No Cheating, post this & see what numbers people inbox you.
Single Or Not

1. Second Chance <|3
2. You're Cute ^_^
3. I want a kiss
4. Better Friendship
5. Chill
6. cuddle
7. long term relationship
8. an apology
9. a hug
10. I like you
11. Im crushing on you
12. I dislike you
13. I love You
14. will you be my valentine
Jan 19 2012 9:23PM
Inbox me answers!
No cheating, you have to post this on ur blogs and see what people want from you!!!
1=A baby?
2=Another chance?
4=A Kiss?
6=Sex partner?
7=Lap dance?
8=To chill?
9=To cuddle?
Jan 19 2012 7:40PM
Dear girls...
alot of girls think they are ugly for this guy or that guy well its not true.. love doesnt consist of looks it is about how you truly feel about that person... EVERY GIRL IS BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY! DONT FORGET THAT! girls should stop saying that they are ugly cuz they arent. Girls you dont need make up to make you prettier your already pretty and if people dont like you for who you really are then **** them and move on.. REMEMBER GIRLS YOUR BEAUTIFUL (:

Jan 19 2012 9:28AM
True ****
you know, so many people talk crap bout other people, when they themselves are guilty of so much more. sure, that person may have problems you dont, but there may be others that dont have the problems you do. bottom line is, nobodys perfect. theres an old saying that goes, "do not first pluck the splinter out of my eye, when you have a beam/board in your eye." wich basically means, dont judge others, especially when there is more to judge on you than that person. so i guess the moral of this blog is, (your name) worry about (your name). dont hate, appreciate. repost if you agree
Jan 8 2012 8:18AM
Mom & Kevin R.I.P
i lost you both in 2011, i will always miss and love you guys. you two were the only reason i was happy but the people i have met so far they make me happy but there is a part of me that still is sad that your gone ): i miss you mommy and kevin(bro) r.ip!
Jan 8 2012 8:16AM
birthday is tomorow and im ready to party for my Sweet 15! leeetsss goo!


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Jan 26 2012 9:26PM

Dayuum Your Cute (;

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