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turn on the lights im lookin for her im lookin for her
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Oct 30 2012 6:05PM
i love you
i love u wat would i do wit out u i would go crazy if u werent my lady now all i can think of is my bb
Apr 5 2012 12:47AM
i love
i love my life i love my wife i can't forget the day i met my mrs right
Oct 10 2011 1:27AM
meet the right 1
somwhere out there i will find the right 1 and right now i haven't found mrs right yet so if ur out ther mrs right hit me up
Aug 13 2011 1:20AM
i luv who i am
i luv who iam and i luv my life
Aug 13 2011 1:00AM
how i do
man this how it goes i start offf as a normal BOY and turn into a young man then all i need is someone to complete my puzle


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Dec 29 2012 8:19PM

went on fb hunnnnnnn lol add me back!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 29 2012 3:10PM

heyyyyyyy hunnnnnnnn lol
Dec 26 2012 5:23PM

missssssing uuuuuuuuu a bunchessss :)
Dec 24 2012 6:52PM

merry christmas eve cutieeeeeeeeee lol talk to ya later :P
Dec 23 2012 3:55PM

heyyyyyyy booka butt loveee yaaaaaa <3
Dec 22 2012 10:11PM

i need u in my life life i need u in my life life u give me hugs and kisses then when u leave then goes mrs. hay babe i miss u in my life hay mrs hay mr how u doin go in sewin i need u in my i need u in my life cuz without u will be tied without u u will be so stay in my life
Dec 22 2012 9:34PM

ayyy i feel bad af sorry tht i didn't talk to u :(
Dec 20 2012 6:51PM

luvvvvvv u like with all my mutha-fukingggggggg big ass heart <3
Dec 20 2012 6:49PM

awwwwwww thts sweet lol we would def spend lots of time together in the hotel room ;)
if u kno wat i mean boo :P
Dec 16 2012 12:25PM

ayyyyyy wassup u needa get ur booty on here booka butt!!!!!!!
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