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:]****ing yuh in, Fiji
About Me:
yo bitches! lets see, im scene/emo im really nice! add and message meh xD oh yes...i bite...oh yesh be scared lmfao xD -dances- bishes im taken ;D ily jason well later haterz(: i luhv yuhz! /Hacked by Joey (gamemasta424) on 4/5/10\

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Apr 11 2010 12:31PM
well im leavin this account so if yuh care, add meh other one(:

Apr 11 2010 11:37AM
i need ideas fer meh new accounts username.
message meh some ideas.
Apr 11 2010 10:13AM
haha wow,

[ mone4250 ]: your ugly little ****ing bicth

i told him to fxck himself cuz he called chris ugly. so he said this^ how wow dumbass.
i know im ugly.
an yuhr words dont fxcking hurt meh, dumbfxck, that was thee lamest comeback ever, lol.
yuh make meh laugh to be honest, lmao.
Apr 10 2010 1:14PM
well, well well(:
1. YOUR REAL NAME; shelbi
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle.): sheizzle? lmao
3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color and favorite animal.): purple pegicorn(:
4. YOUR SUPERHERO/CRIMINAL NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink) black coke
5. GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets): black charlotte or black duncan LOL
Apr 7 2010 9:03AM
wtf -.-
how the hell do yuh "modify" yuhr blog? lol it wont let meh put meh kewlio one up >:[
Apr 5 2010 9:18PM
omg xD
meh n hailey had a great conversation wif kaelin aka triple k xD on thee phone lmfao
we were talkin fer 2 hours xD
while i was hangin out thee window lmaooo
godd that was fxckingg hilarious xD

kaelin? k k kaelin? k k k k kaelin?! TRIPLE K?!

Apr 5 2010 9:15PM
The kitty drank my chocolate milk :o
This is Joey (gamemasta424) hacking SHELBI. Uh yeah, are you still reading this? Lmfao. What am I supposed to say? xD Stay epic Shelbi. Kittys are cool.
Apr 3 2010 2:18AM
Yuh changedd meh lyfe..<3
Apr 2 2010 5:56AM
kylee ish meh taco buddeh!
psh fxck yesh! xD
Apr 2 2010 4:02AM
Omfg -.-
Meh moms lookin through peoples playlists..if she finds fxckingg deadd..not even kidding. She needs to get thee fxck off NOW


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Apr 13 2010 8:05PM

hahah u weirdo xD
Apr 11 2010 11:15AM

btw, i'm Bridgit [:
Apr 9 2010 11:57PM

Apr 8 2010 7:19AM

(: u r my life(<3
Apr 8 2010 1:32AM

Deedah dude
Apr 7 2010 5:45PM

WAS UP MY BROWNIE BUDDY! (yes i just made that up xD)
Apr 7 2010 4:24PM

Go on your page, go to the blog you want, and click "Edit" below it.
Apr 7 2010 4:05PM

lmao im ur nerd xD
Apr 5 2010 8:57PM

I haven't commented in a while :o moo!
Apr 5 2010 8:24PM

elllooo [:
just stopinn by to show ur page some luv!!
awsommness if u showwww some bbackk!!
peaace! B-)
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