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My name is Destiny, I'm Aubrey's mommy. What more is there to tell?

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Jul 24 2014 12:27AM
I have a lot of things running through my mind right now and I don't know if I should be mad or what. I just know im hurt. Very badly.
Aug 13 2013 2:00PM
I guess I just feel so stupid at this point.
Aug 8 2013 2:33PM
You're pathetic. End of the ****ing story.
Aug 6 2013 10:02AM
It's you and every single thing you do. It tears me up inside.
Jun 28 2013 5:24PM
Beach bound tomorrow,holla.
Jun 26 2013 6:24PM
I'll never forget how you made me feel like I was everything and I wont forget how you made me feel like I was nothing
Apr 6 2013 12:13AM
Some sleep would be nice tonight..
Oct 28 2012 5:44PM
I'm not going to say I won't miss you, **** I'm gonna miss the hell out of you. But everything happens for a reason ♥ Need some new friends. Inbox me?(:
Jul 16 2012 2:07PM
Im A Fighter & A Lover . I Fight For What I Love & I Love What I Fight For !♥
Jul 16 2012 1:30PM
please dont be in love with someone else
please dont have somebody waiting on you


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Nov 8 2017 10:56PM

I can't wait until the day we are married ;)
Nov 8 2017 10:47PM

hey beautiful just dropping by on your page I love youuu :)
Feb 2 2014 11:13PM

Hmm, long story. I've been every where and back though..
Sep 22 2013 11:05AM

Typical hood rat <3 :P
Jun 29 2013 7:57AM

Ilysm ima miss the **** out of you have fun!
Jun 26 2013 4:18PM

I miss you even more
Apr 10 2013 9:22PM

i will
Apr 10 2013 7:32PM

Ha i got a little carried away
Apr 9 2013 7:36AM

we need to talk more
Apr 8 2013 12:02AM

Lmfao,kayyy. His name is Christian. He's adorable. Watch him see this. Kay,bye goodnight love bug.
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