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my birthday is torromw cant wait to party<3

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Dec 30 2009 2:27PM
Dec 29 2009 8:12PM
my birthday is dec-31-???
Nov 13 2009 3:36PM
S- - think you are so sexy, especially your bf/gf
E-- You are popular with all types of people.
L- You are always smiling and making others smile.
E-- You are popular with all types of people.
N- You can be very "fun" bed
A- You always want some action.
Nov 13 2009 3:06PM
i love my boi
♥_♥____♥_♥ Put this
♥___♥_♥__ ♥ heart
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___♥___ ♥___ you love
____♥_♥____ someone
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Aug 7 2009 4:00PM
i love him
did u know before u go 2 sleep there is q person thinking of u.They want 2 kiss u they r always thinking about u b4 they go 2 sleep at night in amonth they will ask u out or grab u and kiss u. Post this in the next 200 seconds and u will have the day of ur life this Saturday. Ur 31 love will either kiss u ask u out text u call u or better
Aug 7 2009 3:52PM
Aug 7 2009 3:46PM
I want a guy... Who would move the hair away from my eyes and then kiss me . Hold my hand inline at the mall and make all the girls jealous. Someone who would sing to me at random moments. Who would let me sleep on their chest. A boy who would get mad at someone if they called me ugly or was mean to me. I want someone who would call me 3 times a day if he wernt away. someone who would let me gossipe to him and would just smile and agree with everything i said. He would though stuffed animals at me when i would act dumb and then kiss me a million times. Someone who would make fun of me to make me laugh. He would tell his friends about me and smile when he said it . He would not be afraid to say i love u infront of his friends and we agrue about silly things and ten make up I want a guy that wouldkiss me at midnight on New Years and count stars wit me .♥ Who would stay home wit me on a friday niht just to help me make dinner & watch movies together under the same blanket . Someone who would tell me i'm beatiful but not too often . Who would make me laugh like no other, But mostly, I want someone who would never break my heart (by the way i am pretty sexy............


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lil lindsley
Nov 24 2009 12:57AM

haha im just good like that. an i think the DALLAS COWBOY suck. lol jk there a ok team.
Aug 24 2009 12:22AM

well..hey yuh:)
Aug 19 2009 6:26PM

hey sis im board so come on and msg me ok .')

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