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I love football and got a dog and cat love animals. I did have lizzard but moved and had to get read of them.

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Jun 25 2008 11:46AM
joke and funny
Remember my name because you"ll be screaming it later !!!!
People in cars can cause accidents but accidents in cars can cause people!!!!
It only takes a second to say I love you but it might take forever to show I care!!!!
Tell all the people you know and tell them i wrote it and tell me if you like it and it a funny story!!!!!let me know if u like it


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Jun 24 2008 10:50AM

Lol. Ok Then. :D :P :)
Jun 17 2008 1:38PM

Lol. No Probleem!!! =P
Jun 16 2008 6:08PM

Heey its ur first comment!!! Comment back!!! lol ttyl bye =P

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