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in ur closet, United States
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my name is michael,i know spanish so u cant talk shit in any language,and im single.anything else u wnna know message me and ask

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Jan 20 2012 7:51PM
ok i know i havent been on in a while but ppl gotta get over it
i wont b on alot im very busy now so its a miracle i got on now
Nov 5 2011 12:07PM
little kids are awsome
i like my 4 year old nephew because i can tell him sumthing retarted and he thinks its true :D
Nov 4 2011 9:30PM
im soooo fukin bored
Oct 26 2011 2:21PM
i want people to get on here
especially lindsey;)
Oct 24 2011 12:02AM
puta como las otras
oye no sea tan cabrona tu sabes que te quiero y me haces esto como quiera vete pal carajo y te escribi en español paque sepas porque yo nadamas te hablo a ti en español hasqui puta cabrona
Oct 18 2011 7:30PM
im about to stp gettin on cuzz when im on here nobody else is :(
Oct 16 2011 3:48PM
today i wanted to talk to the ppl that were complaining about me leavin and none of them r on here
Oct 16 2011 12:24AM
ill try to be on all day today cuz i dont do anything on sundays and i wanna talk to a certain person
Oct 16 2011 12:22AM
blogs ppl and ham
each blog i post from now on is gonna be about a specific persun sumtimes their name is on it or not but ill tell them(this one isent included)
Oct 16 2011 12:17AM
im addin a cuple of frends each day so if u check and ur not on my frend list dont freak out (emily & sydney);P


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Jan 20 2012 9:16PM

hey bruuuh.. lol, im leaving you a comment backk. ;D
Nov 7 2011 8:06PM

hehe blogs ppl and ham xD
Nov 7 2011 7:43PM

haha xD
Nov 6 2011 8:08PM

lol i didnt know sry!
Nov 6 2011 7:06PM

haha omg i just noticed u said mah name in a blog :D
Oct 29 2011 9:48PM

yes sir D:
Oct 29 2011 9:30PM

doubt it.
Oct 29 2011 9:04PM

make me.
Oct 29 2011 8:36PM

i was bein sarcastic dumb ass..
Oct 29 2011 8:13PM

kay, thanks for makin me feel stupid..
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