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heyyyy everyone!! my name just happens to be Lexie Buckholt, i am 15 years old and love to hang out with friends, play beer pong, and meet new people:D but i dont feel like writing a whole story, so if u want to know more just message me, goodbye!!

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Aug 7 2010 3:50AM
Mouth big enough for honey combs!!
Jul 1 2010 6:44AM
rock is what i grow up with

You say Lady gaga, I say Slipknot
You say Eminem, I say Bullet For My Valentine
You say Madonna, I say Metallica
You say Taylor Swift, I say shut the **** up!!
You say Snoop dogg, I say Cannibal Corpse
You say Jonas Brother, I say Blink-182
You say Soulja Boy, I Say Nirvana
You say Britney Spears, I say Linkin Park
You say Pop, I say ****
You say rap, I scream METAL!!!
92% Of teens have turned to pop and rap,
If you are one the 8% who like headbanging paste this


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