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message me..say wats sup

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Dec 30 2009 3:08PM
so its been another long while since ive been on...nothing to do today till toniht!!! mall!!!!!!!! hotties!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!! lol
anyways so my neck hurts really bad...i need a message...anybody know some good trics to make it feel better???
im still singal...and this guy really broke me not to long ago...why are guys such jerks...its a mystery i guess...o well
inbox me plz!!!
Apr 25 2009 7:17PM
hey ppls
havent been on in months...
freshman year is almost over..bout to be a sophy...
wats up which yall
inbox me!!
love shanny!
Jan 5 2009 6:58PM
Havent posted any blogs in a while. hope everyone had a good xmas and new years. i no i didnt.
ok ttyl
Aug 7 2008 12:48PM
hey comment my page
Jul 30 2008 11:31AM
summer school
it ova
no mo summer school
and im going swimming today
life is great
(most of the time)
Jul 28 2008 11:32AM
i love music... pretty much all typs of music
hip hop
R & B
a little country
Just about everythin.
My favs are: Flyleaf, Paramore, fall out boy, chris Brown, Boys like girls, anf Taylor Swift... Just to name a few. if you like any of those artist. Hit me up...!!!!! <3


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Jul 26 2008 1:06PM

hi jus thought to be the first 2 comment....jus here stopin bye to show some love

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