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in yo moms vaja vaja, United States
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im a 14 year old if u want 2 no more ASK. Its sexy time,bow na na na na nana cant touch favorite sport is freerun.

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Nov 4 2010 9:57PM
Ya now im at 200 views....yep
Oct 26 2010 8:51PM
of course when i dont play this year all the cheerleaders are hot
Oct 22 2010 8:38PM
ahhh i lov being a buddhists
Oct 20 2010 10:49PM
pretty boy swag
i took her to my condo let the girl strip then she got naked and did that pretty girl dip
Oct 19 2010 7:25PM
yep i feel supa sexy today
Oct 14 2010 9:44PM
Rhyming all the
im cute is it my little innocent eyes im cute and a little bit fly
Oct 12 2010 10:14PM
my song
And all the girls say im pretty fly for a white guy
Oct 12 2010 8:31PM
First 100 views i own u all!!!
Oct 12 2010 8:13PM
still bored............
Oct 7 2010 7:57PM

Once, There was a girl on the computer, with her friend. Her friend sent her a pop-up chain letter. She declined it, and didn't repost it.... While she was watching TV that night, the computer turned on, and went to video chat.... Her friend was on there......... She stared at her friend, and she sat on the chair to say hi. She didn't reply back....She said hi again...Then, A dark figure popped up behind the girl on the video chat with a knife and slit her throat. Blood came all over the friend's screen. The girl screamed....Then...The lights went off, and then, THey turned on, expect, The girl was dead and there was blood on the wall saying "I did not repost this." If you don't repost this later, The man will kill you


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