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i love to listen to music my favorite singer is justin biber and favorite book is twilight same for the movie my favorite song is down by jay sean and my favorite color is purle...ppl think im wierd in a good way beacouse i am......!!!!!

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Mar 17 2010 3:48PM
i am 15 now so i died my hair hahaha again it used to br purple and black now it is black and white i also got snake bites hahahaha yayaya
Mar 17 2010 3:41PM
if you
if you like justin bieber your awesome but fi uoy anc rade ihst uoy era a dogo fcukre nad uoy housld eb ym rifedn?. :) hahahaha
Dec 20 2009 2:38PM
im a
im a pist off but at the same time happy and at the same time lookin for people to talk to ?

Dec 17 2009 9:19PM
looking for pplz to talk to
plz message me
im 14
11-16 can type me
my name is Alexandra AKA Alex
hope you message me
thanks i will be waiting
Dec 16 2009 7:25PM
Justin Bieber
OMG Justin Bieber is the HOTTEST guy ever with a capital H
Dec 15 2009 9:29PM
i love EDWARD in TWILIGHT but i think i am starting to like JACOB better cuz he is so much hotter now??????

loved the second movie better then the first
Bella was better acting in the second move i really didn't like her in the first

i am so pist about the end though
now that i saw the second move the first move sucked azz

im to lazy to read the book so i don't no what happened
no one tell me


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angel jimenez
Jan 5 2010 10:05AM

hey u wazapppp
Dec 22 2009 4:58PM

just showing your page some love lol
Dec 22 2009 8:45AM

hello ther i gest droped in to say ello
Dec 22 2009 1:37AM

showing ur page some love
Dec 15 2009 8:47AM

soo yup...jk lol just showin sum luv 2 u n ur pag BA
Dec 12 2009 9:04PM

heyyy 2nd comment! woohoo! anyone steal ur comment virginity? no? ok well I DID! hah! no homo btw!!
Dec 12 2009 1:37PM

first 2 comment ur page
holla at me

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