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Hi my name is Jayson..!

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Dec 18 2012 11:33AM
I Need A New Life
I Wish I Could Redo Somethings I
Said To You ( Baby ) To Make You
Still Here With Me But Your Not
Anymore So I'm Suffering Everyday
Here Without You In My Life And I Never
Really Told You How Much (I Love You).........!
Well I'm Gonna Go Suffer In Pain.....,
JJ =(
P.S. Talk To Me If You Want To...... I Really Don't Care If You
Do OR Don't Sooooo Byeee...!
Dec 10 2012 11:32AM
?Would Anyone Care?
1. Would Anyone Care If I'd Just Die
2. Would Anyone Care If I Told You A Lie
3. Would Anyone Care If I Wanted You For My Own
4. Would Anyone Care If I Told ALL Your Promises That You Never Kept....
AND The List Would Conitue But I Don't Feel Like Typeing Out The Words...!

See Yea,
P.S. If You Need Someone I'm Here And I Mean That From My Beating <3 ( HEART )
Dec 29 2010 6:44PM
a funny little clip of BALLS
( '_')
(> )>O my friend is going to give me a Toy Ball...

.....('_' )
O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) I LIKE Balls!!!

( '_')
(> )>O Then she said: sharing is good....

......('_' )
.O<( <) But then i was like...

. (>O<) ITS MY BALL!!!
. U....U

(> <) so I eated it!
(reply back)
Nov 5 2010 10:20AM
good advice :)
when someone or something tells u cant do it then just think of my advice:
"Well never let it get to you"
Nov 2 2010 1:39PM
hold on to hope
hold on to hope when you feel like slipping away. i want to grab you and hold on tight. I cant stand this separation between you and me. I need you. Don't leave. Don't leave. Its hard to bear this life without you in my life. Please stay. Please! I cant do this alone. Stay here forever. Or my life may slowly leave me. My joy may end for good. The stars in my eyes may die out. I may slip away.


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Aug 16 2013 9:31PM

hey Jayson I miss you! please get on and talk to me!
Sep 4 2011 2:05PM

haha xDD
Aug 17 2011 11:31AM

ur the best ya know that?? :D
Aug 17 2011 12:49AM

hey cuz i got your comment it was great to hear, but i didn't get the girl yet..!
wheres the one you were tell'n me about 2 days ago..?
see you later cuz,
Aug 15 2011 3:33PM

thank you!!
Aug 15 2011 3:26PM

lmfao xD thx for the advice
Aug 15 2011 3:22PM

haha i know im so mean to myself
Aug 15 2011 3:12PM

lol cuz i have the commen sense of a squirrel xD
Aug 15 2011 2:57PM

nm just realizing how "unsmart" i really am xD
Aug 15 2011 11:11AM

heyy :) i missed u too glad ur back!! :D
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