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hey i'm Danielle. i've been through a lot so i like to help ppl out when something is wrong. best friend is a promise, not a label. i love music &friendz &skateboarding. hit me up. R.I.P. Brandon <3 ily bro

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Nov 16 2010 8:24PM
those who don't care about any1 but themselves and aren't sincere at all, they r the ones who will never succeed. they're the ones who in the end, will fail while every1 else goes on to lead a great life.
Nov 10 2010 9:55PM
Brandon <3
i miss my brother... ugh. well i love you Brandon! R.I.P. bro... forever loved &never forgotten.
F*ck cancer. March 18, 2008. i miss you so much! i wish you were here. <3


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Destiny lutz
Jan 22 2011 3:16PM

Girl i know you need to like try texxting me or something! I miss talking to you! Love you sis Desi!
Oct 16 2010 7:55PM

I miss you so much. :)
Destiny lutz
Jun 7 2010 3:31PM

hey girly ive missed you too just to let you know i have a new profile so hit me up on it the profile name is
Apr 23 2010 8:21PM

Hey there chicka.

I'm missin' yew so bad.
Mar 26 2010 8:17PM

we havnt talked in a while, hit me up
Feb 27 2010 3:05AM

omg we never talk. hit me up
Destiny lutz
Feb 23 2010 5:09PM

no more cratz he hurt meh! single again -crys-
Destiny lutz
Feb 19 2010 3:46PM

yeah really happy with him he makes me feel like im me for once and i am very happy because of it!
Destiny lutz
Feb 16 2010 9:06PM

yes below you! lolz thanks sis! love ya girl! -hugs-
Destiny lutz
Feb 14 2010 11:17PM

hehe i gotz a boyfriend now!
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