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My name isgrace and i have twin girls and a house of my sports and love my family. taken by a lovely man.O AND I AM RICH!!

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Feb 19 2010 1:22PM
A girl named Terry was dared by her friends to summon Bloody Mary. Terry had never seen her, so she figured it was okay. She went into the bathroom, lit some candles, looked into the mirror and said; "Bloody Mary," She turned around. "Bloody Mary," She turned around. "Bloody Mary." She turned around one last time and looked into the mirror and saw nothing. She closed her eyes and laughed, but when she opened them she saw hands grab her shoulders through the mirror. Then she saw Bloody Mary and shrieked in terror. The girls heard her shriek and ran to the bathroom. When they got there, their eyes were wide with shock. Their friends throat had been slit, and a mark that said, "SHE SUMMONED ME," and the girl ran away. IF YOU DO NOT REPOST THIS WITHIN THE NEXT 2 MINUTES SHE WILL APPEAR TO YOU THE NEXT TIME YOU LOOK IN A MIRROR. REPOST THIS WITH THE TITLE "Dares", AND YOU WILL BE SAFE. ( dammit y do i hav to b so superstious
Feb 19 2010 1:19PM
love you babe
post this if u love someone or give this comment to your love

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Feb 18 2010 8:26PM
If you believe in jesus christ put this on your profile.DONT JUST IGNORE THIS BECAUSE IN THE BIBLE it says if you deny him,he will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven.This is the simplest test:If you love god and you are not ashamed of it,copy this and put it in your profile.God will smile at you
Feb 18 2010 5:58PM

║(o) [Ipod ♪
╚══╝ Copy And Paste If You Love Music


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Feb 28 2010 12:14AM

hey gurl wats up just stopped bt 2 show your paqee sum love and you guys out there break her heart i will beat your azz cause she is like a sister to me

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