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I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC im 15 i love sports x-pecially tenis, track, cross country, swimming, soccer, n others. n i love chocolate!!!!!!!!

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Oct 14 2008 9:19PM
hey ppls wats really bored right now.....i was hanging out over at my sluts house earlier today.....n yea nat im talking about you....and now im waiting for a phone yea.....leave me some love.....
love ya!!!
Apr 2 2008 4:19PM
hey ppls...wats up? im really bored right leave me some love ppls!!!
Feb 25 2008 3:42PM
sry ppls but i not feeling 2 good n i lost my voice so ill talk 2 yall later!!
leave me some L0V3!!!
TTFN! TaTaForNow!!
Dec 15 2007 3:23PM
hey ppls wats up???n2mhjc very bored!!!!!!!!!
Dec 14 2007 10:33PM
well im going 2 bed so ill talk 2 u ppl 2morrow!!!!!!!!!!

nite nite
Oct 18 2007 10:41PM
i am so bored tired n hyper!!!!! that happens alot 2 me! i rele wanna go 2 sleep but i dont wanna go 2 sleep...ya i kno i make no since at all.........DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!no jk jk i love u all:)
Oct 14 2007 12:31AM
im so 1 is on grrrrrrrrrrrr
im so about 2 fall asleep at my computer
im so hyper.........eating a gingerbread house (well part of 1) wasnt a great idea b4 bed
Oct 13 2007 9:15AM
i hate
i hate all u ppl!!!!
Sep 29 2007 8:48PM
bad mood
hey ppls im not in such a great mood rite now so ne 1 who thinks they can help plz message me....
Sep 4 2007 10:08AM
hey ppls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey waz up me n my friend leah r chillin here n need some 1 2 talk 2!!! were soooo bored n no 1 is on!!!!! come talk 2 us please!!!!!!!!!


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Stupid Girl
Dec 30 2008 1:07AM

the lies u tell
Stupid Girl
Dec 10 2008 8:01PM

Loser! lolz but ur still my friend so
~Giggle Girl~
Oct 17 2008 9:43PM

I gave him a chance...can i hate him again??
~Giggle Girl~
Oct 7 2008 3:17PM

Freak...where? o ur talkin bout urself again lolz....u and ur slutty self...ugh how do i deal with u lolz well ur like my BFF besides....chelsea lolz
~Giggle Girl~
Oct 7 2008 3:03PM

~Giggle Girl~
Sep 9 2008 8:33PM

I came to you the hour I was in pain
Looking for answers, I cried to you in vain.

I shared the many skeletons hiding in my heart,
I knew then you'd be my friend,
I knew it from the start.

Troubles ran like rivers, flowing through my life,
You picked the pieces up and help me through my strife.

When home wasn't home to me no more,
You opened up your heart, and opened up the door.

We cried into night until the early morn.
We solaced each other's pain and shared our many thorns.

As time flew, the air grew thick,
I saw our friendship fading, and my heart grew sick.

The day had arrived,
When it was time to say goodbye.

Now I sit alone,
reminiscing the past I'd blown.
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 27 2008 9:23PM

Ur haircuts kool i guess lol i don't think it looks that much different but my mom thinks it does so idk anymore lol
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 25 2008 1:46PM

First of all im not a tart!! gglx and and OMG I WANT 2 GO 2 UR HOUSE AGAIN!! I HAD WAYY 2 MUCH FUN!!!! gglx and darn u gglx Well bye bye!!
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 8 2008 1:03AM

HEY LOSER!! lol Well ttyl probaly omg i feel like im goin 2 puke when i think bout try outs
~Giggle Girl~
Aug 7 2008 12:06AM

Hey! Whts up? Im sooooo bored lol!!! its really bad!! lol well commet if u get a chance bye bye
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