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nowhere!! :-), United States
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my life has changed dramatically!!!! but im back and ready as hell! so hit me up niggas.. bloods all da way :Pi know my names redneck babe but imma skrait up gansta... tht was befo lets all get wasted!!!!!
party party party :-)

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May 28 2009 7:33PM
When u break her heart - the pain neverr really goes away
when she misses u- shes hurting inside
when she says its over- shes still wants u 2 b hers
when she walks away from u mad- follow her
when she stares at ur mouth- kiss her
when she pushes u or hits u- grab her and dont let go
when she starts cursing at u- kiss her and tell her u love her
when she ignores u- give her ur attention
when she pulls u- pull her back
when u c her at her worst- tell her shes beautiful
when u c her start crying-just hold her and dont say a word
when u c her walkin- sneak up and hug her waist from behind
when shes scared- protect her
when she lays her head on your shoulder- tilt her up and kiss her
when she steals ur fave hoodie- let her keep it and sleep with it 4 the night
when she teases u- tease her back and make her laugh
when she doesnt answer u 4 a long time- reassure her that everythings is okay
when she looks at u with doubt- back ur self up with the TRUTH
when she says thatshe likes u- she really does more than u could imagine
when she grabs at ur hands- hold her and play with her fingers
when she bumps into u- bump into her back and make her laugh
when she tells u a secret- keep it safe and untold
when she looks at u in your eyes- dont look back until she does
stay on the fone with her even if shes not saying anything
DONT let her have the last word
DONT call her hot but gorgeous or beautiful is much better
say u lov her more than she could ever love u
argue that she is the best gurl ever
when shes mad hug her tight and dont let go
when she says shes okay dont believe it talk with her
because 10 years later shell remember u
call her at 12 am on her birthday to tell her u love her
call her before u sleep and after u wake up
treat her like shes all that matters 2 u
tease her and let her tease u back
stay up all night with her when she is sick
watch her favorite movie with her or her fave show even if u think its stupid
give her the world


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Jul 30 2010 10:12PM

nopes its the crips all the way lol jk
Jul 13 2010 4:12PM

bae wea have u been
Jun 2 2010 8:55AM

its my last day of school!!!

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