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my names Krystal im 15! i like to draw,paint,write and read poetry. i love frogs thier my fav. animal.my favorite colors r black and purple. but i love rainbows too. im a tomboy.u have to get to know me before u judge!

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Sep 7 2008 8:13AM
you think you can trust your friends until one spills a secret or gossips about you.
you thought they were the ones you could trust!
you thought they were gonna be there for you when everything got bad.
But you find them dissing you, not returning your calls.
then they say they didnt get your calls or they say i wasnt dissing u i was saying how nice u r.
so i think ya right.
then your left in the dark, by yourself, its alone and quite.

so if u did it to someone or they did it to you add your name and pass it on.
Jul 23 2008 3:53PM
a lonely life is tough, you go through walking and thinking what it would be like to have a friend, or someone to care for. And then you think, wow im really not liked. only because u think no one cares.but then you notice that god has never left you, or forsaken you.

if u think u were left by god you r wrong. god loves everyone equally!
Jul 20 2008 8:22PM
Rainbow Flag
The first flag had eight stripes; hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sun, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit. When the designer went to mass produce the flag some changes had to be made. Pink and turquoise were removed from the design, and royal blue had replaced indigo, leaving the flag with six colors.


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Dec 26 2008 4:18PM

nm but gtg ily bye

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