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yur pants(: pshh yu WISH!((:, United States
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if there's anything to know about me then ask me..ima DORK so love it(: cant live life w/o my haters and the ones that love me(: i have 11 piercings and ten tattoos((: message(:

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Jun 16 2009 6:26PM
lol could u handle
~!~Booty Shaking, Heart Breaking, Mad Hott, Never Stop, Short Skirt, Love to Flirt, Tight Jeans, Very Mean, High Class, Nice Ass, Shakin Thys, Candy Eyes, Lucious Lips, Killer Kiss, Tell me can you handle this? Message Me~!~


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Aug 14 2009 3:48PM

well get a stapler and then you can see them they look like that put smaller
Aug 13 2009 7:32PM

man now that my staples are out it stills sucks....
i fxckin this
Aug 11 2009 6:16PM

man i cant come to da pool!!!
ugghhh i hate bein on house arrest!!!!
uggghhh **** this!!!!
we needa hang out!!!!!
- jayla
Aug 9 2009 3:15AM

ayy girly it is like 3:14 in da morining and i am bord az hellz..there is a bunch of kids in this house.. wish you where here.. lots of love jayla laters
Aug 2 2009 1:17AM

hhahaha yeah your rite he is ugly... pahaha
Jul 31 2009 3:06PM

hey kid below me why do you want her to remove you from her list?? she reallii dont care anyways...
so anyways.. we r goin to walk da first day of skool!!! be ready at 6:30 then we can just all meet up and ****..
peace girl i love you..
Jul 22 2009 6:37PM

aww well he needs to get over his self!!! he is a lamer and just mad that your mom found another man and he hasnt found a nother girl!!!!
Jul 21 2009 1:16PM

ummm yeah i was listen to music out side of your house and your "dad" opened the door and called you a tramp and that your mom lets you look like a striper!!! man he is a ****!!!
Jul 13 2009 2:50PM

ummm welll i herd that you broke lil brittanys heart!!! aww im so srry!!! for her not you... im happy for you!!! hahahaha brittany you had it comin
Jul 12 2009 12:03PM

pahahaha god made us friends for a reason!!!! hell yeah we some beasty ass b****es!! in a good way
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