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Tj N Me(3*19*10), United States
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*~Name ish NiKkI an i am Taken by Tayshawn Johnson (TJ) who i am IN LUV wif N wont Change♥. 3/19/10♥ lUv YhU TayShawn ♥ 4ever N AlwayZ

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Apr 20 2010 7:14PM
itz been a month in A half N me N him Love each other VERY MUCH ♥

He is dha Best that i ever had ♥

I LUV u tayshawn♥

4ever N always i knew he was the one from dha start♥
Apr 18 2010 9:21PM
Got Me All Up In A HAze!!
i mean He GoT a BiiTch all Up In a HaZe HE My Everythang Rite Now N NO ONE AinT TaKen Him AwAy FroM ME <3

LuV U TaYshAwn <33

*FuTure Mrs. Johnson*

*\&%luv him_WilL h@ate him*\&%
Apr 12 2010 6:09PM
i am so Happy

Kuz ME N tj been together for two or three weeks now i dnt kno i dnt keep up wif it kuz me N tj r in LOVE <3
Apr 3 2010 8:24PM
PaRtY YaL!!
I SeE YaL LaTeR!! I AM GoIn T0 A TeEn ClUB!! ToNiTe!! So SeE Yal ToM
BuH ByeE :)
Mar 31 2010 9:07PM
TaySHawn (Mi Luv)
I luv u Tayshawn u dha best any gurl would have :)
n i luv u so Much more then i every did <33
Mrs. Johnson ( i lyke dha sound of dhat ) :D
Mar 30 2010 7:18PM
i luv u tayshawn u dha best i eva had n i luv u wif all mi heart n i am goin 02 keep lovin u till love dnt exist but i luv u tayshawn n i Neva will stop lovin ya :)<3 Nikki n Tayshawn :) 4eva n eva :)
Mar 20 2010 3:06PM
Mi Siblings
1.Justine(Dha Olderest) luv her 02 death! :) she has two boyz(mi nephews) Jalen N Jourdynn(5,3) Luv dhem :)
2.Lyndon(Dha Second Oldest) Luv him he is mi Bubba :) n he has one daughter Ameera (2) she is so cute :)
3.Jacob(Dha Third Oldest) He n i fight a lot but i still luv him :) n He has no kids he only in High school!
4. Me (Dha Fouth CHild)
5.Evan( DHa baby of Dha family) n dhats his nickname Baby kuz he is dha yungest even through he got dha gurls goin trazii over him lolz :)
Mar 20 2010 3:00PM
Mi OLder Bro
i Luv mi older brothers Lyndon n Jacob dhey dha best
n i luv mi older sis Justine n mi little brother Evan

we mite fight n say we hate each other but deep down inside we will alwayz luv each others <3 :)
Mar 14 2010 7:57PM
Dats all we reallii need in our Lives is LuV!!!

so tell sumeone u kno very well u luv them very much kuz u never kno they can be gone in a blink of a eye!!!
Nov 25 2009 8:51PM
█▄█ █▀█ ▀█▀


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May 29 2010 6:46PM

ayee gurl, jus missin you lol
Apr 28 2010 7:26PM

Who is she???
Apr 18 2010 6:58PM

Hahah Nikki ..... My b****y- WifEY haha luv ya a lot gurl <3 me N u b****es For Life :)
Apr 17 2010 11:34AM

LoLZX LuV YHU NiKkI ( OnE oF BESt FriendS )

MiXx TaLkIn T0 U :'(
Apr 2 2010 7:30PM

haha XD

hey ur cuz winked at me 4 no reason !! haha

but u n tj r a cool couple

tj my nigga !!!

haha dis used-to-be-gf- i kno ya have feelings for dhis NIGGA!! haha
Apr 1 2010 6:34PM

i luv u Mrs. Johnson =)
Apr 1 2010 6:02PM

lolz nikki u r such a flirt :) lolz i BIG flirt !!!
Mar 31 2010 9:01PM

yeh we r n i luv u babe =)
Mar 30 2010 7:24PM

aww nikki .. i think u n tj r a cute couple :)
Mar 27 2010 11:18AM

nikki thnkx for doin mi pikk it looks great :)
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