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What happens in vegas, stays in vegas, except herpes that shit comes back with youu:))

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Jun 12 2010 7:23PM
Heather is
bored out of her little fu.cking mind.
Jun 1 2010 7:39AM
Todays the last day of school.
Im soo friggin' happy.
Summer here i comee:))
May 30 2010 5:35PM
Heather is my feather? (o.o I dunno it rhymed..Don't Judge Me!)
This is Mykal(:
Signing into Heathers account!:D
For the reason of Hacking!!
This gurrl right here is pretty Great!:D
Get to know herrr!(:
You'll regret it if youu don't!
She's got pretty good taste buds for Tunes!:D
Ohh! && Her daddy thinks she needs help. (Pickles)
x]] Uhmm. Mkay!:D
Mykal..Signing out!^^
May 30 2010 4:02PM
About Me:)
My name is Heather:)
Im 13. November 10, 1995
Im a bit shy. But if you get to know me you'll get to know me.
Im currently single.
I attend HMS. 7th grade.
Likes Hello Kitty, Energy Drinks, Friends, and Blues Clues.
Dislikes all those people who think there it, fakes, and posers.
New best friends are always ooberly amazing.
If your a fake, dont talk to me.
Im not going to reply to the "hey""hi""whats up" messages.
They have to intrest me.
Well i think that was a little bit to much information for you guys
so imma stop telling you stuff.
Become my B E S T F R I E N D then you will know soo much more.
Message me hoe!


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Jun 1 2010 10:47PM

Lolz, you are to prettii!!!
And ily new bestie =D
talk to you soon :D

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