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dont worry :P, United States
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hey everyone yea i havent been on since idk when but im back and so yup message me !

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Mar 28 2012 4:55PM
no more brain busters
so i might stop doing brain busters because they are kinda "childish" and also getting rude messages so if you want me to do them message me please and if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it !!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 21 2012 1:47PM
hey guys i havent been on mfg in such a long time so if u want me to make more brain busters message me
Mar 31 2011 9:33PM
Brainbuster #3
I go on most fun games every tuesday and thursday i play on thursday and get off on sunday .. How did i do it ? this isnt like bb #1 or #2 so this answer wont be the same message me
Mar 30 2011 7:40PM
Want more Brain Busters
Well if u answer my Brain Busters correctly i will give u suggestions on really good games and their on the TOP TEN OF MFG.These brain busters take a lot of time to be tought so please answer them thank you .
Mar 30 2011 7:36PM
brain buster #2
an old man goes on a vacation on tuesday and stays for three days and leaves on tuesday how did this man do it ??
Apr 17 2010 3:03PM
brain buster #1
a cowboy rides into town on wensday he stays for 4 days and leaves on wendsday how did he do it comment me and tell me i have the anwser u dont


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Jul 23 2008 10:44PM

i no i am right i am always right lol <3
Jul 15 2008 10:45AM

ok what was that comment for????? lol what????????? comment back
Jul 14 2008 4:29PM

whats up with you boy
Mar 21 2008 4:46PM

yes i did
Mar 19 2008 6:31PM

Mar 17 2008 5:54PM

nuttin mch u
Mar 15 2008 5:22PM

hey whats up i am so borded

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