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Sep 16 2009 7:42PM
its all done<3
Sep 14 2009 10:20PM
y did u block me? ugh
Sep 11 2009 5:49PM
Wat Hapen To Jelly Shes So Sparked Up And [[Actually]] Crying [[It Was About Time]]
Sep 9 2009 10:10PM
Me and Jake Ar over but Im Kinda Happy! Idk why Though.tuff Stuff
Sep 6 2009 11:40PM
my moma out of town 4 a few Home For Caren for 2 months! yay..gon party...use the house fonie! gon Make out With Jake my Boyfrand!! yay! i love u babe
Sep 6 2009 11:23PM
ugh OMG
i have to many Texts!! ugh.... Cant textx that fast b****es! just swaggin well i got that from jelly but i dnt give.. well yeah texxting my boyfrand Jake...hes from HGN,Texas b****! so ha! i luv him so much. he just texted me he luvs me:) yay! lol well yehp..msg meh for meh number..we can TExT or CaLL
Sep 6 2009 2:03PM
well my life is poppin my ass of the ground! ugh here & there! well OMG im sooo happy Jake i lov u babe;) so ****ing much uh well im glad we went out...the movies were awesome babe=] ily...
Sep 5 2009 5:27PM
im not dead! [yay!] [i guess?] and well i talk to Jelly & meh buddez now! so SHUT THE FUK UP AN LISTEN
Aug 31 2009 10:24PM
ok well
i think im leaving this site....but if u all ever want to laugh go to Jelly Luvvz Yuh! shes the best...bah buy guys
Aug 31 2009 8:24PM
ehh well Jelly wouldnt ****ing talk to me?? i mean WTF did i do to her? kill her i dont think so grrl! gusherz....!! well idk Jelly but im going to **** u up if u dont speak to me cuz i didnt even touch u b****!! ik ur my cuzin!! but damn u went tooo far


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Sep 16 2009 7:43PM

i love your new hair! i mean at school John and David Liked it! I love Black but Orange is cool! lol Well text me or Call me! you know my number!<3 you
Sep 10 2009 7:11PM

haha lmao!!
yea jelly ish slowly makin her wayy 2 him..
hopefully it wrkz out lol.
and well me shhhh itz a secret!!
Sep 9 2009 11:25PM

HeY cAREn sRrY bOuT Da BrAkE uP!!!
bUt HeY kNo MaTtEr WaT i gOt YuHr BAkK!!!
Sep 7 2009 7:39PM

yeah baby that was funny but no Sara i dont like the name
Caren is better kinda unique-and well Sara thinks she Emo
but she Prep uh ew well i lov u baby cuz we have so many things in common
emo, goth, pretty eyes and hair
Sep 7 2009 7:18PM

hey baby:) i lov u alot babe..
school was cool huh?
Jelly luvvz yuh!
Sep 6 2009 11:37PM

look CAREN if yuu think i wunna become POPULAR on diz fu.cking site well think agen FAG ASS cuz yuu goin da ronnnggg wayy!!!&& yesh ima talk NI!ICE **** 2 yuu! ok ily CAREN ma STUPID awesome ANNOYING cuzon
Jelly luvvz yuh!
Sep 6 2009 11:33PM

Look ok wateve just seyin dat i aint scared of u! & yesh ima blunt ur face! u messed with meh wiffeeyy!! WTF? we were bestiez ur such a HOE...well wateve Caren... b****LuvvHoe i will c ya tomoro
Jelly luvvz yuh!
Sep 6 2009 11:30PM

look shut yuur fu.cking quack up!! now b****! Caren or wateve ok? i dnt kare! yuu fu.cking messed with Mini-Me&& den to finish da waz off yuu chose Jake yuur BoyFrand..WTFFF? ok look ima talk to yuu but pop yuur face tomoro hell yesh! cant stand yuu no more!! and im not sitting down
Jelly luvvz yuh!
Sep 6 2009 11:26PM

b**** Shut Yuur Quack Up
yuu dnt mean it!&& cuz daht ****
i mite get suspended get in sum frikken
Aug 25 2009 12:03AM

YO yO yo homie waz up
just sowin some luv
luv ya [homie luv]
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