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Loving my cupcake<3, Iceland
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Ezzo! I'm sarrrraahhh and I really hate errogant ex-boyfriends! Wow I'm in love with the most wonderful boy evvvverr by the name of Daniel and I will never stop loving that amazing amAzing boy!! <333 oh and message me! :p

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Jul 9 2010 6:02PM
Sooo MASON (Aka faggot with a 3 inch ****) just hacked my profile..:) yahhh so I'm tryingto keep cool but it's kinda hard to? Wow btw mason Charles neese was my ex boyfriend whom I cheated on because he's a little basterddd and then the day after we break up he decided to send a whore(it's the only girl who would f*** him) a nasty nudy picture of himself ad whyyy? IDEKKK!! But yeah then he decided to hack my profile for some gay reason just to make himself feel better..we broke up in like January or february(not worth the remembrance) and he still can't move on..god mason, just move on!!
Jul 4 2010 3:48PM
myspace.com/danielmdavis <> sd_130061@yahoo.com. Bah! WTF????? Lolz

Daniel Miles Davis + Sarah Jo Davis FoReVeR!!!!**
Jul 1 2010 4:51AM
My top favorite bands ever areeee (in no specific order) sleeping with sirens, asking alexandria, underoath, suicide silence, attack attack!, my children my bride, a skylit drive, we came as romans, iamerror, bring me the horizon, a day to remember, alexisonfire, scary kids scaring kids, and soooo much more!!xD
Jun 30 2010 8:22PM
Why why why? God you make me so crazy and I just want to be in your arms forever. You are so sweet and charming and sexy..I love kissing you, too and I never want to stop. I promise that you will be the death of me.:) I love it when I'm sad or tired and you come up behind me and wrap your arms around my waist and kiss my cheek you make me feel so wonderful.. I have never in my life had anyone make me feel the way you do. I love it when you kiss my nose and when you pick me up and cradle me in your arms. :) I love it when we listen to music and dance like idiots ad we laugh and you hug me and make my stomach flutter. I love how when I'm moody and your consantly trying to make me laugh and you hold me hand and kiss my fingertips. God you make me feel better and I love the h**l outta you! Words can't describe you, my love and I can't wait until you move up here! When you told me you would do it only because of me I cried because I have never in my life had anyone who cares for me as much as you do.. I will NEvER stop loving you. Baby, you are now my life, my everything. XOXO. -Sarah
Jun 30 2010 8:08PM
Baby baby baby..
Since my girl typed me a very much sweet blog than I'm going to write one for her. :) This is for you baby. :) Sarah, you are so amazing and I have been in so many relationships before and none of them have been the right one for me until now that I haveFound you.God, you are so amazing and perfect and your smile makes my heart race and every time you touch me it takes every breath out of me. Baby I can't even tell you how much I want to be with you. You make me smile and I want so badly to have a serious relationship with you. I want you to be the one I fall asleep with at night and who I wake up to in the mornings. I want to spend christmas with you and be with you on your birthday. I want to be one of those couples that you see who seem so uncontrollably in love. Babe your the girl I have wanted to be with all my life and nothing can stop that now that I have you in my arms. I want to plan my life with you. You are so pretty and adorable and gorgeous and words could never describe you. I love kissing you it's just as if the world around us freezes and all I can hear is your heart beat. Girl, I'm so madly in love with you and I ask where have you been? God you're my world, my everything. I love you Sarah. There is so much more to say about my feelings for you buy it would take years to even begin. You're mine forever. <3. -Daniel
Jun 30 2010 7:51PM
Ohhh wow I like a boy!!! :3 his name is Daniel and he's so amazing and he is watching me type this right now! :D haha anyways he's so amazing and perfect and I wonder how I even managed anything ever in my life when I didn't have him! Every time I talk to him I get butterflies in my tummy and there's not one second that I talk to him where I don't smile! He's so amazing and I just can't get over it! We talk on the phone for hours and when we be tired he won't hang up, but we fall asleep on the phone because he tells me that the last thing he wants to hear before he goes to bed is my voice..he's so sweet!!! Gosh I <3 him so much and there's not a second of my life that I don't want to be wrapped in his arms..I love you Daniel! :'}
Jun 25 2010 5:17PM
I went to an attack attack! Concert on Sunday and like it was psycho!!! :O like we chicken scrapped and like me and this other girl like got into it! Haha and then my bestest friend in the world, Daniel, was like ahhhh! Cuz I was on his shoulders and he was getting pushed and then we moshed super hard and I got raped!:O and punched and I had a busted lip and like Daniel was laughing and then my friend Chelsea got lost and we had to stay for like ever afterwards looking for her! It was amazing and they did quite fantastic...:D
Jun 10 2010 8:52PM
About the below blog..
Bahhhhh?!!!!! >:/ noooooo people I don't ACTUALLY have a daughter lolz she's my friend, you crazzzzies!!! :F
Jun 10 2010 8:19PM
I wake up in the mornings and I fall.
O I hate hypocrites so much....and people who pretend to like something just to impress you but they really hate it...gosh it makes me mad...:( good thing I have my "daughter" hah and she says she's a vampire and she thinks I need a husband to be her daddy...bahahah ^.^ oh and I don't realllllyyy have a kid!! :D haha she's juss my fran that calls me mommy! Hah
Jun 3 2010 8:11PM
Ahhh so my fran Robert taught me how to speak german!!! Ahahahah! ^.^ b***h is "hure" and f**k you is "fick dich"... Haha he's such a good influence....xD


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Jul 14 2010 2:34AM

psh dont call meh a emo little faggot! >.<
lol xD
Jun 17 2010 4:14PM

aha maybee!! (:
Jun 11 2010 4:42PM

imma Bird??? lol :D
Jun 9 2010 6:17PM

awww..im sowwy!
Jun 8 2010 11:08AM

lol i perfer Preston
Jun 4 2010 8:37PM

Yummy!! Thxx!
New Born Vampire
Jun 3 2010 10:23PM

best mom ever
Jun 3 2010 10:11PM

Jun 3 2010 10:03PM

Jun 3 2010 10:01PM

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