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Heyy Soriah Here ! Message Me If Yaaa Like Me Add Mee !? Anyway Im A Browns Fans !? And Um...I lOVE Reading !? Im A Dog Person Hate Cats And Um...Well Only If There Kittens And I lOVE Dr.Carilse From Twilightt !?
Here Thats Itt !!!

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Nov 17 2009 4:12PM
Me Me Me !!!
1. What's your name: Soriahh !!
2. Whens your birthday: April 28th
3. Where were you born: Ohio In A Hospital !
4. Were you a planned child: Um How Should I No !
5. Eye/ hair color: Eye Color : Green Hair Color :Brown
6. Shoe size: 6
7. Piercings: 2
8. Tattoo's: Nope !
9. Wear any jewelry: Earings And SomeTimes A Neckles !
10. How Tall are you: 5ft
11. How many teeth are in your mouth: All !!
12. Chew your nails: Somtimes
13. Hair style: Like An Inch Pastt My SHoulder !
14. Do you wear glasses: Sha
15. Have you ever broken a bone: SHAA !
1. Do you live with both parents: Nope Just My Mom !
2. Do you have any pets: Nope I Want A Dog The Kind I Want Is Called A Pomerainen
3. How many siblings do you have: 1 ( Big Brother (17 )
4. Anybody other then relatives live with you: No
5. Lots of friends: SHAA !
7. Does your family have more then one car: Me One Car (Moms) mY familey Shaa They Have Cars !
8. Where are you located: The Bikini Bottom ! So Go Down There And Find Me Stalker I LiVE Under A Rock !
9. Has anybody close to you died recently: Close My Uncle Well I Realy Didnt Get To Meet Him ! He Died A Week Before My 3Rd BirthDay ! :(
10. Any mental illnesses: if you count depression once every 2 months :l
11. Currently sick: Nope Just Got My Shots Today Up My Nose And A Shot On My Arm ( 11*17*09)
Nov 15 2009 4:29PM
About What I Just Did Or About Me !!
What was the last thing you ate? SandWitch
If you were a crayon what color would you be? Orangee ! Ü
Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? Tyliaa (My Geek Buddy !! l0ll)
Hugs or Kisses? Hugs !? Depends
Chocolate or Vanilla? I lOVE Them Both Try It Mixed OMG !! BRAINFREEZE !! L0LL
The phone rings. What is your ring tone? Party In The USA By Miley Cyrus
Do you like Thunderstorms? Noo ! I Hate Rain
Where's the weirdest place you have fallen Asleep? On My Trapelene !
Do you get distracted easily? Oh ...Yeahh Realy Bad I Wish I Didnt Though
What's your last text message say? Oh Oka
Aug 27 2009 5:49PM
Its So Cute Rightt !
Aug 16 2009 4:01PM
You Say I Say !
You say Suite Life On Deck
I say Wizards Of Waverly Place
You say Ware Wolf
I say Vampire
You say Milk
I say Pop
You say OutSide
I say Inside
You say Friends
I say Family
You say McDonalds
I say Subway..EAT FRESH
Aug 16 2009 11:52AM
Uggg !
Im Sick Yupp Im Sick I Thrw Up !?....Coughed Very BAD...Got A Cold Than A Fever Than Back To A Cold Threw Up AGain Blew My Nose YUCKK ! Drinking Gatorade ! Yea ! Talk (COUGH *COUGH) TO ME TEXT ME IF YOU KNOW MY NUMBERR !
Aug 14 2009 12:58PM
Oh And My Favorite Song Is ....
Miama Trick And...

Love Game !!!!
And No Suprise By Daughtry
And I Also Like How He SANG Pokerr Facee !
Aug 14 2009 12:55PM
Me Im !?........
Im Sickk ! (*Cough*Cough*) SNEEZE !!!!! <~ Im Realy Acutally Doing That Anyway I Hate Being Sick And No Ones Every Online AnyMore
Aug 6 2009 10:04PM
I lOVE Signs ! And This One ~> Ü
☮ ← That iz a peace sign
ღ ← That is a .. ummm... a herrt
ஐ ← That iz a duble herrt.. (i think?)
❤ ← That is the best herrt evr!
。◕‿◕。 ← That iz a (hahahehe) (lol) funny face, evn mayB cute!!
Ü ← That Iz A Smiley Face With A Big Hugee ! Smile On Its Facee !
Aug 6 2009 10:01PM
My Word Is Awsome And So Am I !
Aug 2 2009 8:19PM
/▌This Is BOB Copy And Paste Him So He
/ \ Can Take Over MostFunGames


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Aug 4 2009 1:16PM

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :(




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