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hey. im 14 years old. i live in Indiana. i love football. i have 4 sisters and 5 brothers. my favorite rapper is plies. i love chris brown and omarion.im finally single. after 3 years im back on the market. AND YES, THAT IS ME IN THE PIC.

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Nov 20 2007 2:20PM
Boy tell me what you want and i'll give you what you like, yeah
Uh huh, alright, yes, my body's yours tonight Anything that you need, you can have it from me
Cause baby I'm here to please, so put your love into me
I know you like when i tease like that (like that) like that, especially when I'm at
DON'T STOP, ooh i like what you're doing so please don't move
Never met a man that turns me on like you do,
Oh oh oh
Nov 20 2007 8:47AM
all u b****es
i hate all u girls that sit up there and talk **** about me. im sry i got him first. its all good cuz i dont want his ass no morre. ive been there done that and it wasnt that good.
Nov 20 2007 8:44AM
upgrade u
I hear u be the block but I'm the life that keeps the streets on
Notice u the type that like to keep them on a leash tho'
I'm known to walk alone but I'm alone for a reason
Sending me a drink ain't appeasing, believe me

Come harder, this won't be easy
Don't doubt yourself, trust me, u need me
This ain't a shoulder with a chip, or a ego
But what u think they all mad at me fo'?
Nov 19 2007 10:12AM
sum 1 talk 2 me


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